Big Cannabis Needs To Buy Candidates

 For Sale

Politicians are for sale. In fact, they are very affordable. Dark money has funded their groups for years. Now the cannabis industry must do the same. Furthermore,  it must do it now. It’s time to buy change.

Local cannabis laws aren’t permeant. But that doesn’t justify funding initiatives. On the other hand, it does justify buying influence. Also known as local politicians. They want money and we want results. Now cannabis companies need to provide funding.

Voting is irrelevant. Therefore companies must step in. For clarification legal companies. Such as High Times and RAW. Not to mention the various legal dispensaries.

Unions are powerful. Because of their potential influence. The Legal Cannabis industry can behave like a union. Now it’s time to execute. Everyone must contribute money. But the money can’t go to initiatives. It must go to campaigns.

Betsy Devos bought her way into the White House. Even so, it created a blueprint. Cannabis candidates must do the same thing. Fighting fire with fire is the only solution. Her politicians are expensive. However, they accepted the money.

 Time to finance campaigns 

The legal cannabis industry is worth billions. In fact, the amount increases every single year. Therefore a financial war chest exists. At the same time, the chest isn’t full. Because legalization is a state issue. Instead of a national issue.

Big oil, Big Tobacco, and Big Pharmaceutical control the country. In other words, they influence the government. Presently Big Cannabis does the opposite. Strangely enough, they don’t plan on stopping. For the most part, they refuse to change.

Cannabis candidates run for office. However, voters ignore them. Of course, some exceptions exist. But they aren’t very common. The solution is dark money. It’s the best way to buy change.

The Koch Brothers, Soros, and many others use dark money. Dark money is currently 100% legal. Plus It works for many people that use it. So the cannabis industry should join in. If you can’t beat them join them.

Evidently many people hate cannabis. A legal anonymous approach eliminates the stigma. Giving the legal industry a fair opportunity. On the other hand making it more appealing, Politicians love dark money. In the same way, stoners love candy.

Everyone has a preference. Many people are against Dark Money. Because they deem it unethical. The legal cannabis industry doesn’t need dark money. But it does need to finance campaigns. Money is the only way to achieve this goal. It’s important to determine the method of funding.

Who will fund it and who will join? 

The million dollar question is how will cannabis fund the future. Multiple options exist on the table. The industry must pick one. War is an expensive investment. It’s time to stop financially attacking prohibition. Instead, we must begin legally buying politicians.

We want fair cannabis laws. In fact, we want legalization and reasonable regulation. Furthermore, we want our politicians to execute this changes. In exchange for campaign financing. Because this will ultimately make the world a better place.


Will Australia Let Hemp Foods Help?

Australia’s small town 

It is only 21 °C outside in Bangalow. The Small Australian town is known for tourism. Although that could change. The potential culprit is Hemp Foods Australia. A local company thriving online. Hemp Foods can Impact the local economy the same way. However, FSANZ is in their way.

Millions of Australians purchase food. Not to mention all of the hungry tourists. Therefore there is a potential demand for hemp food. It would also help the local agriculture industry.  But most importantly it would reward local businesses. Especially in the hemp food industry.

 Hemp Foods Australia. 

Many companies relocate to tax havens. However, Hemp Foods Australia isn’t one of them. It still resides in a town of 1,902 people. 765 kilometers north of Sydney. The Australian company loves its country. The FSANZ should love it back.

States and countries thank companies for doing the right thing. FSANZ is looking the other way. A response that hurts Australia and harms Bangalow. Green Bay Wisconsin has the Packers. Bangalow has a lot of things. But lacks international recognition.

Famous cities generate the most money. Although that isn’t their main purpose. It does benefit countries. Small towns are often dying. Bangalow isn’t one of them. The city has too much to offer.

Bangalow is more than just a small town. It features cafes, a market, and a beautiful bay. The problem is it is still relatively unknown. Hemp Foods Australia can change that. In fact, they already are. Unfortunately, they can’t do everything.

The city of London has famous landmarks. Their revenue helps feed the whole economy. Legal hemp food items will do the same. Creating jobs and increasing tourism. This industry will place Bangalow on the map. As a result, New Wales and the continent of Australia will benefit.

 Food has always been there 

Food and beverages have shaped human history. It isn’t hard to imagine hemp foods doing the same. Because they aren’t psychoactive and are super healthy. Plus the plant is very easy to grow. One would think it would be an appealable option. Publicly and financially.

Kangaroos recently ruined another golf tournament. An opera house still occupies Sydney. The year is 2017 Australia. It is time to reinvent the country’s image. Meaning legalized hemp food items. Cannabis legalization worked for Colorado.

Legal cannabis is very profitable.

Colorado’s legal weed industry generated 1.3 billion dollars last year. The products aren’t available to everyone. Due to multiple enforced legal restrictions. Every human being can consume Hemp food items.  Imagine how much money Bangalow can generate. Then again imagine how much Australia can make.

The country of Australia needs Hemp Foods Australia. Billionaires have historically bailed out economies. Hemp Foods is no different. In terms of their importance. Multiple companies can kickstart the industry. However if legalized only one can pull it off.

Hemp Foods Australia’s web presence is no joke. They have mastered the art of SEO. Secondly, they are invested in their local economy. The company checks everything off the list. If legalization happens the country will ascend to new heights. Permanently changing the future of the Australian economy.

Trump Must Manufacture With hemp

Trump is pro-manufacturing.

Donald Trump wants to revive American manufacturing. Therefore he should change hemp laws. Because Henry Ford wanted to. In other words, Ford represents an ideology. Trump must revive parts of his ideology. In conclusion, American Hemp is a key to American manufacturing.

Steelworkers are reaping the benefits.

Hemp will create jobs. But it has to compete with steel. In fact, steel is becoming a major rival. Which is why Trump must jump in. Especially if he cares about American jobs. Furthermore, he must allow Hemp to thrive. Due to the fact that steel isn’t the answer.

Steel is capable of reducing manufacturing woes. However, it has its flaws. For example, it isn’t growable. Meaning you can’t grow steel forests. The tool can build almost anything. But so can hemp.

Cannabis’s sober cousin is a 3D printer. It can produce almost anything. Fortunately, it is also growable. As well as Eco-friendly. America doesn’t need steel. Dark money does.

William Randolph Hearst isn’t another name. Hearst killed legal hemp. On the other hand so did the Duponts. Since then other interest groups have followed suit. Favoring less ideal alternatives.

First off the one percent owns tons of land. The land is capable of supporting hemp. Then again a hemp forest would require too many resources. Instead, they buy an alternative. After all job creation is important.

Steelworkers profit off opportunities. For example approved pipelines. Steel pipelines require factories. The factories no longer exist. However, Trump will reopen them. As well as ignore hemp manufacturing.

Hemp manufacturing is a real possibility. He can make the form of manufacturing a reality. Hemp is an exit route. But instead of taking it our country moves straight. Straight to steel manufacturing. In other words further away from Hemp.

Hemp manufacturing is the future

Hemp isn’t even fully legal in the states. The country that embraced it prohibits it. Which is a cruel turn of events. Hemp is the better way. Henry Ford knew it and people still know it. Global Hemp production hasn’t ceased to stop. Therefore American Hemp manufacturing should start.

The Pittsburgh Steelers are America’s team. Because the name and logo are American. However, our country is falling behind. American manufacturing is no longer thriving. Big Ben knows when to hand it off. It’s time for Tump to do the same.

From now on the hemp industry has the ball. They must match Big Steels legacy. Or at the very least come close. Hemp manufacturing has huge potential. In fact, it will rewrite human history. For example, it will create safer buildings.

A material called Hempcrete lives up to the name. The material resembles concrete. It also has super powers. Most notably being fire tolerant. According to many climate changes is a myth. On the other hand, nature is becoming violent. The solution is safer buildings. You know the kind made with hemp manufacturing.

Presidents go down in history.

Americans don’t forget presidents. Trump is defiantly not an exception. Furthermore, he is vilified by many. The 45th president wants to be the jobs president. But does he also want to revive American manufacturing? If he does he should reintroduce hemp. Instead of steel.

Americans beware: This is a scapegoat issue

Americans and Taxation

Americans are paying to many taxes. The government is overcharging citizens. It’s time for unnecessary taxation to end. Marijuana is a major victim of this scheme. The American Government continues to attack the plant. Furthermore elected officials are punishing users.

Marijuana smokers are consistently in danger. But it gets even worse. The elected officials know these facts. However they don’t help voters. Instead, officials ignore American Citizens. This costs Americans money and jobs.

A group of unemployed people is useless. They can’t fight back. Politicians can easily crush them. Biting off the hand that feeds you is dangerous. On the other hand it is no longer surprising.

Politicians can be good

Officials are in office to help tax payers. Instead officials are ruining or future. Jobs frown upon criminals. They subject them to drug tests. Tests that test for weed. The youth suffers the most from this subjection.

It’s hard to find a job with little skills.For example look on Indeed. Ironically millennials love smoking weed.Unfortunately the government doesn’t respect this right. Furthermore, their stance costs taxpayers money. . But that doesn’t mean all politicians are evil.

Brave politicians have risked it all for Cannabis. These American Heroes have stood in the crosshairs. Not for their own benefit. But for the American Taxpayers. The Founding Fathers Founded America. Now we the people must fight the unnecessary taxation and regulation.

The rich own more than ever

The wealth gap is continuing to increase. But the government doesn’t care. Most politicians don’t care about Americans. They force us to pay taxes on taxes. Secondly these taxes are crippling. Many people can barely prepare for an emergency. Marijuana regulations are equally impactful.

Many regulations slow the economy. They also often cost taxpayers tons of money. Marijuana regulations are no different. On the other hand that’s is putting it nicely. Unnecessary marijuana laws are unethical.

A democracy is a safe place. Once upon a time Americans lived the dream. Now that dream is dead. This is the worst time to be an American. From a Marijuana standpoint that is. Furthermore the future is very bleak.

Dark money is very patriotic.

Dark money groups are patriotic. The various groups are fighting for the American people. Our country needs them to survive. America needs money in politics. But more importantly we need equality. Equality that requires weed legalization.

Weed legalization will restore our great country. It will restore our country to the way it was. The way it was before  everything went left. For clarification not left as in politically. Left as in when we abandoned parts of the constitution.

Hands off our guns and hands off our Weed.

Thankfully Tump will protect our gun rights. Of course it isn’t only about the guns. In fact most American rights need protection. For example the right to marijuana. Furthermore the right to do so privately. Americans have suffered enough. It’s time to lift the country out of economic depression.

The countries economy is struggling. Due to overtaxation and regulation. Principles Our Founding Fathers rejected. States have treated people involved in marijuana unfairly. The government is doing the same. Americans must be freed from the torture.

Cannabis Education is Biased

Education reform is going to happen.

The American education system is a mess. Betsy DeVos has solutions and so does your neighbor. Many of these bold ideas could work. But they would take years to successfully implement. Not mention all of the red tape. One easy solution is to take small steps. Changing cannabis education is the first step.

Cannabis information contains facts.

Schools are demonizing cannabis. They’re teaching with opinions instead of facts. Some students discover the truth later on. Others help keep the lies alive. It’s time to end this dangerous cycle. Ending it will improve the American education system.

American schools have a lot of strengths. They also have a lot of weaknesses. The current cannabis curriculum sticks out. Opinionated beliefs serve as its backbone. Teachers can hate cannabis if they want. But they should teach with facts.

Cannabis education is out of date.

There is factual information about every plant. Teachers know the difference between opinions and facts. However, the government also has a say. A fair compromise will make everyone happy. Schools should continue to teach what the government wants. If and only if they present factual information. The government might not want like cannabis. But that doesn’t mean students shouldn’t be taught the truth.

We live in the age of the internet. Students have the world at their fingertips. Google has made fact based subjects irrelevant. States should eliminate their schools if they plan on teaching with opinions. Curriculums are designed to sidestep this point.

The American education system is out of date. There is widespread support for reform. Creating the form isn’t that tedious. All the government has to do is modernize the curriculum. This would be beneficial for teachers and students. One of the benefits would be increased transparency.

Cannabis groups prey on the youth.

Many cannabis groups currently exist.The groups are infamous for seeking influence.They shouldn’t have an influence on American education. Giving them the steering wheel hurts the youth.

Cannabis groups want the support of the youth. The younger the children the better. Once someone reaches a certain age they are hard to manipulate. Cannabis groups know they have little time. So the groups alter the required educational curriculum.

Cannabis groups influence the government. But there are other equally influential groups.Parents have a very powerful voice. They also possess the ability to demand change. It’s time for parents to demand a change to the curriculum. Biased cannabis curriculum information isn’t helpful.

For example, it changes the way one views the world. One thinks the plant is good or bad if they’re taught so. In other words, education can shape minds. The mind of a child is a very powerful gift. Furthermore, the mind will always benefit from learning actual facts.

Let all students learn.

The Information taught in schools is supposed to be factual. Cannabis information isn’t supposed to be different. However, it is traditionally treated differently. Most students have to memorize information. It can’t hurt to add in facts about cannabis. After all the purpose of education is to educate. Cannabis education reform wouldn’t benefit interest groups. It would benefit current and future students.

Angry students still sing Pink Floyd. It is important to realize why. The youth are the customers. Angry customers can and will create change. It’s important to realize how true this is. Particularly if you’re a cannabis group.

MMJ is Missing from the Workplace

Legitimate employed Medical Marijuana patients are still being fired. This troubling news is due to the way employed patients are treated. Employers aren’t required to treat legal MMJ patients fairly. However, they’re required to treat patients using legal prescription drugs fairly. This lack of equality shouldn’t exist. The unfairness begins with a workplace drug test.

4.6% of Americans are looking for new employment. A drug test may present an obstacle during the process. Legal prescription drug patients don’t have this worry. Even if they take Adderall. Which according to the DEA is a scheduled two drug. Legal MMJ patients should have the same protection.

All legally scheduled drugs are worse than Marijuana. Users of the drugs can still fail workplace drug tests. Marijuana users are treated the same way. If a legal prescription drug user fails a test they’re safe. Legal MMJ patients should experience the same outcome.

In America, Marijuana is still a scheduled one drug. However, multiple states have created their own laws. 28 states and DC have legalized it for medical use. You probably employ/work with legal prescription drug users. You should employ legal MMJ patients. The key word is legal.

Anyone can claim that their Marijuana is prescribed. It’s the perfect excuse for any employee. The problem with is that it makes MMJ patients look bad. Not every patient is a liar that wants to get stoned. There are fully functional, and responsibly employed patients. The MMJ prescribed to these patients should be protected. A benefit that legal prescription drugs prescribed to employees have.

Employers can’t fire someone for responsibly consuming their prescribed drugs. In other words, the employee is 100% protected. If the employer did fire them legal issues would occur. A protection that not every MMJ patients has.The protection extends into various aspect of work life.

An employ can consume their prescribed meds at work. This legal practice allows the employee to remain functional. Employed MMJ patients should have the same right. Not every employee wants their patients lighting up. Luckily there are multiple smoke-free ways to consume MMJ.

Smokable marijuana isn’t the only form of MMJ. All though many people prefer this form. If a MMJ patient needs to get high on the job make a compromise. Ask them to consume a non-smokable form of MMJ instead. This fair compromise will be mutually beneficial in the long run.

Unmedicated employees disrupt the work environment. Have you ever worked with someone with a headache? If he or she didn’t have Tylenol they were probably miserable. Have you ever worked with someone suffering from extreme chronic pain? Chances are they were even more miserable. If you didn’t notice them chances are they were into much pain to work.

Medical conditions are no fun. These conditions can make employees miserable. Some conditions don’t benefit from Western medicine. MMJ can often treat these conditions. Yes, most Western medicine isn’t psychoactive. However unlike cannabis it often has scary side effects. The TV commercials aren’t a joke. So please stop discriminating against MMJ patients in the workplace.

Sam’s Cannabis Thoughts

The legal American Marijuana industry is Trump administration proof.

Rolling back the current system would be a disaster. The Republican Party already has enough to worry about. State marijuana laws are the least of his concerns. Pro-marijuana has repeatedly demonstrated their ability to outspend critics. Imagine how much they could raise to defend the industry. Don’t worry fellow advocates legal marijuana is here to stay.

Will Home Depot ever openly embrace home cultivation ?

Home Depot already sells items that can be used to grow weed. Will they ever embrace legal home cultivation? That’s the multi-million dollar question. Companies that make products for the legal prescription drug industry have embraced it. Home Depot can and should do the same.


Humanity has been using hemp for thousands of years. You can do the same. Some countries ban recreationally growing it. However buying and owning hemp products is 100% legal. The misconception that it isn’t is widespread. This notion has hurt cannabis sober cousin.Double check your local hemp laws just in case they’re obscure.


Weed traditionally smells really good. It normally makes the user calm. If you have ever encountered a stoner you know what I’m talking about. My experiences riding public transportation with stoners has been pleasant. Riding with sober riders is always a gamble.

Does D.A.R.E preach against marijuana in states that have legalized it ?

Are students located in states with legal marijuana subjected to anti-marijuana rhetoric ? One would think they would be. Most likely in hopes of manipulating the clueless youth. The good news is that it trains the participants to spot bs. A skill they can use for the rest of their life.

Marijuana may be legal for every 21 year old

Marijuana can be legal on private property

It is illegal to consume recreational marijuana at home. Only a few states make an exception. The exception excludes everyone younger than 21. President Trump could legalize this exception in every state. This rule already exists in America. Local alcohol consumers have benefited from it since the 80’s.

Trump could make them even more comparable

President Reagan was behind the US drinking age increase. He did this by pressuring the states. President Trump could do something similar. All he would have to do is substitute alcohol with marijuana. Many people have already compared the two legal industries. It’s time for Trump to make the next step.

Legal recreational marijuana is like alcohol. Or so they say. This bold claim is kind of true. Both industries are similar. The most obvious similarity is the age requirement. Trump should make them even more similar. Increasing the similarities won’t be difficult. All he has to do is legalize recreational marijuana throughout the country.

He should ignore everyone else

Trump is the most brand-oriented president ever. The president only has two years. During the absence of the democrats he can do a lot. Some decisions will have a bigger impact than others. Legalizing recreational marijuana throughout America is one potential decision. The controversial decision should be on the top of the list.

Republican politicians have a long to-do list. Pro-marijuana laws might not be on the list. Sheldon Adelson will have a say in if they make the list. The wealthy republican king maker hates marijuana. Trump should ignore him and pull a Ronald Regan.

People still argue that recreational marijuana is dangerous. The same people support legal alcohol consumption. Evidently, this argument is contradicting. You can hate pot and you can like alcohol. But you can’t deny that adults 21 and older should be allowed to choose. To choose to responsibly consume alcohol or recreational marijuana. They can also responsibly choose to stay sober.

Marijuana is profitable and it will help Trumps legacy

Trump doesn’t consume alcohol or marijuana. But he is aware that both industries make tons of money. Why else would he launch a vodka company ? Trump has the power to legalize the later industry throughout the country. The multi billion dollar question is will he use his influence to do so ?

President Trump will have a lot of influence and power. The great presidents in American history have conquered our countries obstacles. For example Lincoln outlawed slavery. The prohibition of recreational marijuana is one of the current obstacles. Legal recreational marijuana consumption is becoming accepted in America. Trump could and should expedite the elimination of this obstacle. `

Recreational marijuana is slowly becoming accepted. The acceptance resembles an Olympic relay race. Legal recreational marijuana is slowly catching up to the critics. Trump could eliminate this race. A move that would affect the whole planet. It would also affect Trumps personal and presidential legacy. All three affected parties would be affected positively.

How do you top becoming the first nonpolitician president since Hebert Hoover ? You legalize recreational marijuana throughout the country. This move would rewrite this history books. The success of Trumps presidency isn’t dependent on legalization. But legalization will permanently change his legacy.

What if Australia legalized home cultivation before the USA ?

Every American that qualifies for medical marijuana should be allowed to grow their own. Australia just gave their civilians this right and some Americans have this right. The problem is the word some. Civilians located in many states with MMJ can’t legally grow their own marijuana. I’m not talking about growing enough to become a kingpin. I’m talking about being allowed to grow enough for personal use.

If someone wants to grow their medical marijuana instead of purchasing it they should be allowed to. There are many reasons why this right would be beneficial. It’s a safe growable form of medicine barely scratches the surface. But It’s a good way to begin the initial phase of my argument. An argument that will hopefully play a role in Americans changing their stance on home cultivation.

It’s amazing how many Americans are against MMJ. A large percentage of the ones that aren’t opposed home cultivation. The proof is in the pudding. Only a limited number of states allow medical marijuana home cultivation. Residents that don’t reside in these states face western medicine like problems. Which is ironic because MMJ is a western medicine alternative.

Prescribed western medicine is super inconvenient. This inconvenience is caused by the amount of people involved. If the products were growable most of these people would be unemployed. Medical Marijuana products happen to be growable. So logically medical marijuana patients should be allowed to grow the growable products. The truth is many of them are allowed to.

Multiple states currently allow medical marijuana patients to grow their own pot. The patients have the opportunity to grow x amount of plants at a time. X = how many plants each patient can legally grow. Expanding this law to every state with MMJ would benefit the individual states and their patients.

A state economy requires a skilled labor force. A percentage of this labor force will have at least one medical ailment. A percentage of that percentage will have a chronic ailment. Many people that fall into one or both categories will qualify for and benefit from medical marijuana. Increasing the accessibility of MMJ will benefit the mentioned labor force.

Earlier in this post, I mentioned that prescribed western medicine was super inconvenient. My reasons for this claim were partially accurate. The amount of people involved in the industry does slow down the process. The inability to grow your prescription drugs at home also doesn’t help the cause. One of the prescribed western medicines few convinces is portability.

Arguably the most popular form of western medicine is prescribed pills. These drugs are commonly stored in a portable pill bottle. The bottle is normally pretty see through and pre-packaged. This makes life easier for everyone including the patient. Every day thousands of people travel with portable prescribed pills every day. Medical marijuana has the same functionality which helps the home cultivation argument.

You can store and transport MMJ multiple ways. The list includes mason jars and the plastic packaging the many strains come in. The second listed method was vague hopefully, you understand what I meant. Recently home medical marijuana cultivation became legal in Australia. The United States should give its MMJ program participants the same opportunity.






Marijuana Approval is A Win For Everyone

Marijuana this fall

This November vote. Don’t vote for any major candidates.Vote for legal marijuana. American marijuana laws are a joke. The two party candidates haven’t addressed this issue. Proving that they are scared to mention this issue.


Voting pro-marijuana this election helps America. Think about that for a second. How many ballot initiatives can say the same? Many ballot initiatives help a few people. For example $15 minimum wage. Increasing minimum wage only helps workers. Voting for marijuana this fall helps everyone.

To support my argument I will use a real example. I’m going to use Arkansas to explain my stance.This November, Arkansas residents are voting on three different things. All three options involve medical marijuana. The first option could legalize it. The second option could allow home cultivation. The third option would only allow purchasing it.


My three options affect key people. Aka qualified patients. Patients that won’t be the only beneficiaries. The plant has the ability to treat multiple ailments. This ability will put skilled workers back to work. The creation and operation of medical marijuana dispensaries will create multiple new jobs.

Arkansas MMJ patients will benefit smoking it. This will enhance their health. The plant can treat multiple ailments at once. Which will put skilled workers back to work.  I will also require the construction of multiple dispensaries. Creating new jobs.

I just painted a harmonious world. All of my occupants are benefiting from legal MMJ.  Imagine how similar laws could affect the whole plant. recreational marijuana would have an even bigger impact. Many people opposed both of my ideas. They view my world negatively.


People that oppose marijuana legalization are wrong. Not because they disagree with people. They are wrong because they don’t see the big picture. They close their eyes and picture the following. They picture a city with a crumbling infrastructure. A crumbling city occupied by millions of workers. Workers that are lazy.

In 2012 WA and Colorado legalized recreational marijuana. In 2014 Colorado residents made it officially available. Soon afters adults 21 and older began purchasing it. They also began possessing it in public. Nothing changed in Colorado after the new trend began. The state’s  infrastructure didn’t begin falling apart. Residents continued to be productive. WA experienced the exact same results. Oregon and Alaska also have the same experience. Washington DC does as well but does it count ?

Visiting these states is a start. Someone could deny what they’re seeing. Changing their mind is possible. It would take years to change everyone’s mind. Which is why creating an option is a better idea.


People should be able to have choices. Using marijuana shouldn’t be required. It should be a choice Your local Home Depot sells various plants. Purchasing a plant isn’t required. But because they are legal someone else can buy them.

You don’t have to vote for marijuana this fall. But you should choose to vote. Not because others are voting yes.  Vote for it because everyone  will benefit it. Don’t vote if it looks ugly.  Meaning if it looks like the infamous Minnesota option. If it looks like the old Ohio option.