LA Must Light The Way

LA has everything to gain from marijuana.

The LA Lakers should allow marijuana. Because it is legal in California. The team has nothing to lose. Adam Silver can’t make them any worse. Therefore the Lakers must roll the dice. Without the gamble, they will remain a lottery team.

The Lakers currently suck. However, they know what they are doing. Tanking is a silent protest. The time is now for the Lakers to speak up. Compliance doesn’t create progress. But allowing MMJ consumption does.

Weed is medicinal. Everyone knows that it is safer than opiates. But NBA teams aren’t allowing it. The teams indirectly protest this outdated ruling. Many teams spontaneously bench stars. For example Cleveland VS the Clippers. This form of rebellion is petty and unhelpful. But it is somewhat vocal.

Rebelling the right way.

Superstar NBA players have a voice. Teams can utilize the voice various ways. Petty protests are a common option. Although they work the protests aren’t progressive. Because they don’t evolve the sport enough. MMJ would accomplish this task. First, off the Lakers sit under a global microscope. This level of exposure is unique. The NBA can utilize it to outrace other sports. The trick is it requires MMJ. Luckily it isn’t hard to find in America.

The NBA MMJ campaign

28 states and DC have legalized MMJ. Many states allow raw plant consumption. LA is the most famous one. Plus the Lakers are a few years from greatness. So it’s time to spearhead the campaign.

Marijuana will expedite the rebuilding process. Secondly, it will solidify the process. Other teams allow marijuana tolerance. Many of them are successful. The Lakers need access to the right blueprint. The blueprint must include pot.

A hands-on approach

The Oregon Football program tolerates pot. In fact, the school handles it in the house. The Lakers should do the same. Jeanie Buss can do whatever she wants. The league will penalize her team. Then again the league often penalizes greatness.

Mimicking greatness is a good idea. The most successful people are trailblazers. Not to mention innovators and go-getters. The Lakers possess this mentality. Because it is part of west coast culture.

The West Coast sets the trends.

Everyone wants to be from the West Coast. The area creates everything and sets all the trends. The Lakers are capable of doing the same. All it needs are stars. Moths follow the light. Marijuana is equally attractive.

Peaceful consumption.

NBA players smoke a lot of pot. For clarification, not every player does. However, there are many that do. For example Mitch McGary. The statistics are staggering. Secondly, they are beneficial. The Lakers can provide a safe haven.

Marijuana users want freedom. Wiz Khalifa explains the desire perfectly. Of course, music only goes so far. The Lakers must practice higher tolerance. it will ultimately allow them to win multiple titles. More specifically MMJ is the key to their redemption.

MMJ saves lives. For example people with mental health issues. In my opinion, everyone needs weed. The Lakers are no exception. On the other hand, LA must win another title. In conclusion, MMJ will progress league rules, and attract top free agents.


War On Consumption, Not Culture

War becomes normal and overshadows everything. 

War instantly becomes the most important thing. It is the business that murders people in the name of profit. But because it is patriotic it is legal. Jeff Sessions wants to increase the war on drugs. The war sounds terrifying. Truthfully it isn’t that bad.

Kids hold on to your Huf socks. In fact, keep all your themed clothes. Not to mention music. The war on drugs hurts the plant. But it doesn’t affect the culture. For example look at pre-recreational marijuana legalization Colorado.

Without the media, the average civilian is in the dark. The outlets wield widespread influence. Media companies play a large role in the war. Because they help dictate the narrative. Often time the narrative is negative. Not to mention missing key elements of the story.

The media isn’t part of a conspiracy. However, they don’t tell the whole cannabis story. It is the media’s job, to tell the truth. Many outlets have portrayed the end. They are helping fuel paranoia. Unfortunately, they ignore the lifestyle industry.

Critics label pot a drug. However, they’re ignoring the bigger picture. The 100% legal industry is huge. An assortment of products exist. The products range from t-shirts to albums. The potential drug war won’t affect them.

Ultimately symbolism is the heart of culture. 

Every culture has unique symbolism. The cannabis plant doesn’t symbolize getting high. It symbolizes peace. On the other hand, prohibition symbolizes oppression. The war will oppress some individuals. Lastly, it won’t kill the culture.

People have consumed marijuana for a long time. Prohibition won’t end consumption. The government will shut down legal businesses. But the black market will remain alive. The point is you can reinforce prohibition. However, you can’t prevent the consumption of the plant. Therefore you can’t eliminate the culture.

The media’s role in the war on cannabis 

Many countries are currently growing hemp. America is barely participating. The sober plant is a victim of neglect. Cannabis has so many amazing benefits. But no one is noticing them. Instead, war is the main topic. This proves how influential politicians can be.

William Randolph Hearst influenced the media. His paper empire lied about marijuana. Secondly, it gave him a spotlight. People compare Donald J Trump to Hearst. They have many similarities. On the other hand, so does Hearst and Sessions.

Jeff Sessions is the man of the year. The media has showered him in attention. His proposed war is a popular story. Most websites are discussing it. For example Fox News and High Times.

Just say no. No matter what you do don’t do drugs. That includes the dangerous and addictive marijuana plant. The initial sentence is a real famous quote. Everything else just provides a bigger picture. Instead of hyper-focusing on one small element.

The news discusses events. Many stations focus on the Trump administration. This approach is strategic. It is also shocking. The current year is 2017. Humans should know better. Going forward humans shouldn’t only focus on the war. Because the 100% legal industries will keep the culture alive.

Big Cannabis Needs To Buy Candidates

 For Sale

Politicians are for sale. In fact, they are very affordable. Dark money has funded their groups for years. Now the cannabis industry must do the same. Furthermore,  it must do it now. It’s time to buy change.

Local cannabis laws aren’t permeant. But that doesn’t justify funding initiatives. On the other hand, it does justify buying influence. Also known as local politicians. They want money and we want results. Now cannabis companies need to provide funding.

Voting is irrelevant. Therefore companies must step in. For clarification legal companies. Such as High Times and RAW. Not to mention the various legal dispensaries.

Unions are powerful. Because of their potential influence. The Legal Cannabis industry can behave like a union. Now it’s time to execute. Everyone must contribute money. But the money can’t go to initiatives. It must go to campaigns.

Betsy Devos bought her way into the White House. Even so, it created a blueprint. Cannabis candidates must do the same thing. Fighting fire with fire is the only solution. Her politicians are expensive. However, they accepted the money.

 Time to finance campaigns 

The legal cannabis industry is worth billions. In fact, the amount increases every single year. Therefore a financial war chest exists. At the same time, the chest isn’t full. Because legalization is a state issue. Instead of a national issue.

Big oil, Big Tobacco, and Big Pharmaceutical control the country. In other words, they influence the government. Presently Big Cannabis does the opposite. Strangely enough, they don’t plan on stopping. For the most part, they refuse to change.

Cannabis candidates run for office. However, voters ignore them. Of course, some exceptions exist. But they aren’t very common. The solution is dark money. It’s the best way to buy change.

The Koch Brothers, Soros, and many others use dark money. Dark money is currently 100% legal. Plus It works for many people that use it. So the cannabis industry should join in. If you can’t beat them join them.

Evidently many people hate cannabis. A legal anonymous approach eliminates the stigma. Giving the legal industry a fair opportunity. On the other hand making it more appealing, Politicians love dark money. In the same way, stoners love candy.

Everyone has a preference. Many people are against Dark Money. Because they deem it unethical. The legal cannabis industry doesn’t need dark money. But it does need to finance campaigns. Money is the only way to achieve this goal. It’s important to determine the method of funding.

Who will fund it and who will join? 

The million dollar question is how will cannabis fund the future. Multiple options exist on the table. The industry must pick one. War is an expensive investment. It’s time to stop financially attacking prohibition. Instead, we must begin legally buying politicians.

We want fair cannabis laws. In fact, we want legalization and reasonable regulation. Furthermore, we want our politicians to execute this changes. In exchange for campaign financing. Because this will ultimately make the world a better place.

Interview with Scott Smith

Sam Goldman: It was important to legalize MMJ in Minnesota because ____

Scott Smith: Legislation passed during the 2014 Minnesota legislative session created a new process to permit seriously ill Minnesotans to use medical cannabis to treat certain medical conditions and for the state program to learn from our patients’ experiences with medical cannabis.

Sam: The Office of Medical Cannabis was formed in 2014. Can you please briefly describe their role in the program?

Scott: The Office of Medical Cannabis, located at the Minnesota Department of Health, was formed in 2014 to implement the new medical cannabis legislation. The office operates the patient registry system and oversees Minnesota’s medical cannabis program including regulating the state’s medical cannabis manufacturers to ensure patient safety.

Sam: The steps to join the MN MMJ program are?

Scott: Patients must be certified by a qualified clinician as having one of the qualifying medical conditions. They then must register and pay a registration fee that is established by the legislature.

Sam:  How many patients are enrolled in the MMJ program?

Scott: The most current information is at this website.

Sam: Why is the list of doctors willing to recommend MMJ private?

Scott: The Legislation did not direct MDH to create such a list and MDH does not maintain such a list. Lawmakers wrote the law so that medical cannabis use would occur within the context of an ongoing relationship with a clinician who is treating the patient’s underlying condition causing the need for the medication.  A list would be antithetical to this goal so the law did not give MDH the authority to create and maintain such a list.

There is nothing in the law that stops members of the public or physicians from creating such lists.

Sam: Only two companies are allowed to sell MMJ. Will other companies be added to the list? If not, why not?

Scott: The law currently limits the program to two manufacturers. There would need to be additional legislation to change the number of manufacturers.

Sam: Many Minnesotans are unable to afford MMJ. When will the prices resemble the prices of MMJ in other states?

Scott: The Office of Medical Cannabis does not have authority to regulate the price of medical cannabis in the state.

Sam: Currently joints, bongs, and editable are illegal. Will the program always impose these restrictions?

Scott: Such a change would require Legislative action.

Sam: Employed patients and job seekers have what legal rights?

Scott: The law includes some protections for registered patients and job seekers.

Sam: In 5 years the MN MMJ program will be?

Scott: Not our role to speculate.

Will Australia Let Hemp Foods Help?

Australia’s small town 

It is only 21 °C outside in Bangalow. The Small Australian town is known for tourism. Although that could change. The potential culprit is Hemp Foods Australia. A local company thriving online. Hemp Foods can Impact the local economy the same way. However, FSANZ is in their way.

Millions of Australians purchase food. Not to mention all of the hungry tourists. Therefore there is a potential demand for hemp food. It would also help the local agriculture industry.  But most importantly it would reward local businesses. Especially in the hemp food industry.

 Hemp Foods Australia. 

Many companies relocate to tax havens. However, Hemp Foods Australia isn’t one of them. It still resides in a town of 1,902 people. 765 kilometers north of Sydney. The Australian company loves its country. The FSANZ should love it back.

States and countries thank companies for doing the right thing. FSANZ is looking the other way. A response that hurts Australia and harms Bangalow. Green Bay Wisconsin has the Packers. Bangalow has a lot of things. But lacks international recognition.

Famous cities generate the most money. Although that isn’t their main purpose. It does benefit countries. Small towns are often dying. Bangalow isn’t one of them. The city has too much to offer.

Bangalow is more than just a small town. It features cafes, a market, and a beautiful bay. The problem is it is still relatively unknown. Hemp Foods Australia can change that. In fact, they already are. Unfortunately, they can’t do everything.

The city of London has famous landmarks. Their revenue helps feed the whole economy. Legal hemp food items will do the same. Creating jobs and increasing tourism. This industry will place Bangalow on the map. As a result, New Wales and the continent of Australia will benefit.

 Food has always been there 

Food and beverages have shaped human history. It isn’t hard to imagine hemp foods doing the same. Because they aren’t psychoactive and are super healthy. Plus the plant is very easy to grow. One would think it would be an appealable option. Publicly and financially.

Kangaroos recently ruined another golf tournament. An opera house still occupies Sydney. The year is 2017 Australia. It is time to reinvent the country’s image. Meaning legalized hemp food items. Cannabis legalization worked for Colorado.

Legal cannabis is very profitable.

Colorado’s legal weed industry generated 1.3 billion dollars last year. The products aren’t available to everyone. Due to multiple enforced legal restrictions. Every human being can consume Hemp food items.  Imagine how much money Bangalow can generate. Then again imagine how much Australia can make.

The country of Australia needs Hemp Foods Australia. Billionaires have historically bailed out economies. Hemp Foods is no different. In terms of their importance. Multiple companies can kickstart the industry. However if legalized only one can pull it off.

Hemp Foods Australia’s web presence is no joke. They have mastered the art of SEO. Secondly, they are invested in their local economy. The company checks everything off the list. If legalization happens the country will ascend to new heights. Permanently changing the future of the Australian economy.

Interview with Dana Wallace



Sam Goldman: The legal cannabis industry offers multiple opportunities. Why did you choose real-estate and what was required to begin selling it?

Dana Wallace: I have been a licensed real estate agent since 2002 and obtained my real estate broker’s license in 2014.  I have specialized in investor acquisitions throughout my career and so as I saw legalization of Cannabis coming our way here in California, I made a decision to align myself with the industry.  It was important to me as well, because I see this plant as a miracle.  There are so many holistic uses to heal various illnesses and conditions. This isn’t just about growing marijuana and people sitting around smoking.  This is progression in a positive direction, especially for the huge numbers of people who will now have other options besides addictive pharmaceutical pills.

Sam: Is your industry regulated enough?

Dana: This is a work in progress! We are in an all new world and many things are happening quickly, not only in local governments, but on the state level.  My experience is that each city counsel, each county counsel and the state itself, is working to outline the process for how things will proceed.  My license holds me to the highest standard and I believe in nothing but conducting myself in a transparent and forthright manner.  We approach each property or business deal with a mindset that it will take some time to do our due diligence and make sure that everything is compliant. It’s a case by case basis.

Sam: A first-time cannabis real-estate buyer needs to do what?

Dana: Know their numbers.  When looking at a property and it’s use, run numbers on what that property will yield and all of the costs associated with running the property or the business. For example, if the property is for cannabis cultivation.  First of all, is it zoned correctly? Can it be permitted or is it permitted and/or in the permitting process? What is the usable square footage? How many lights? How many plants per light?  How many pounds per plant? What can you sell your product for? Run the numbers on price per pound on a conservative figure.  That way you have a cushion built in for market fluctuations.

Sam: How do you vet potential clients?

Dana: I ask my clients to create a bio of themselves.  Who they are and what their experience is. This is especially important, if they are looking for an investor to participate in their transaction.  The investor wants to know if they are an experienced professional.

With investors looking to purchase properties or business, I request a proof of funds in some form, so that there is viable documentation that they can move forward on a deal if it makes sense.

Sam: Legal cannabis industry participants are still vilified. Do you have any horror stories?

Dana: I know of a few incidents, after the legalization rolled out in November, of raids happening. Product was destroyed and arrests by authorities, for what was stated as compliancy issues.  Each person participating in the Cannabis space, needs to be hyper aware of what the ordinances are and how to comply as closely as possible with these, so that this risk is minimal.

Sam: The cannabis real-estate law every client should know is?

Dana: Check the zoning of the property identified.  Check if this property is or can be approved to do Cannabis related businesses at that property.  What is the permit/licensing process? Or get proof of the documentation that the owner/seller is claiming they have, to allow Cannabis related businesses at that property.  Verify all information.

Sam: Do you currently have any properties available?

Dana: Yes, I do!

Sam: How much would the cannabis real-estate industry be worth if it was legal throughout the country?

Dana: That’s a number I can’t quite quote, but if we are to believe the articles and projections…billions.

Sam: The most rewarding part of your job is?

Working with people.  I have met so many down to earth people who are extremely proud of their work in the Cannabis space.  They have so much experience and are ready to share it with the world and they couldn’t do that before.  It’s rewarding to be able to help them come out of the shadows and create the businesses they always dreamed of.

Sam: How can people find 420 real-estate online?

Thank you for asking! My website is  You can also find me at @420estates4u on Twitter and 420estates4you on Instagram.  My Linkedin profile is

5 ways to participate in the culture

The cannabis culture.

The cannabis culture is alive and well. Participants can participate multiple ways. Here are five ways you can participate. In fact there are more than five ways. But these five ways are the most enjoyable.

5. Learn about cannabis daily.

First off there is a lot of propaganda. More specifically anti-weed propaganda. With that said go wild. High Times and many others makes content. Of course research is only the beginning. You can learn differently out west.

Educate others about cannabis

The truth outshines the lies. Many people think cannabis is evil. But education can change that. Knowledge is power. Therefore you should empower others. It is the only way to set them free.

Consume cannabis daily

Consumers don’t need weed. In fact multiple alternatives exist. For example Hemp oil. Cannabis is life enhancing. Because of its health benefits. On the other hand many plants are. But that doesn’t make it less important.

Fight for cannabis

Marc Emery is a legendary advocate. Many people disagree with his decisions. Even though they work. Furthermore they support cannabis reform. Fighting for the plant is important. So select your platform.

Support those inspired by the plant

The cannabis plant is known to inspire others. It inspires everything from clothing to art. But the artists can’t work for free. Therefore you should support them. Financially and verbally.

Trump Must Manufacture With hemp

Trump is pro-manufacturing.

Donald Trump wants to revive American manufacturing. Therefore he should change hemp laws. Because Henry Ford wanted to. In other words, Ford represents an ideology. Trump must revive parts of his ideology. In conclusion, American Hemp is a key to American manufacturing.

Steelworkers are reaping the benefits.

Hemp will create jobs. But it has to compete with steel. In fact, steel is becoming a major rival. Which is why Trump must jump in. Especially if he cares about American jobs. Furthermore, he must allow Hemp to thrive. Due to the fact that steel isn’t the answer.

Steel is capable of reducing manufacturing woes. However, it has its flaws. For example, it isn’t growable. Meaning you can’t grow steel forests. The tool can build almost anything. But so can hemp.

Cannabis’s sober cousin is a 3D printer. It can produce almost anything. Fortunately, it is also growable. As well as Eco-friendly. America doesn’t need steel. Dark money does.

William Randolph Hearst isn’t another name. Hearst killed legal hemp. On the other hand so did the Duponts. Since then other interest groups have followed suit. Favoring less ideal alternatives.

First off the one percent owns tons of land. The land is capable of supporting hemp. Then again a hemp forest would require too many resources. Instead, they buy an alternative. After all job creation is important.

Steelworkers profit off opportunities. For example approved pipelines. Steel pipelines require factories. The factories no longer exist. However, Trump will reopen them. As well as ignore hemp manufacturing.

Hemp manufacturing is a real possibility. He can make the form of manufacturing a reality. Hemp is an exit route. But instead of taking it our country moves straight. Straight to steel manufacturing. In other words further away from Hemp.

Hemp manufacturing is the future

Hemp isn’t even fully legal in the states. The country that embraced it prohibits it. Which is a cruel turn of events. Hemp is the better way. Henry Ford knew it and people still know it. Global Hemp production hasn’t ceased to stop. Therefore American Hemp manufacturing should start.

The Pittsburgh Steelers are America’s team. Because the name and logo are American. However, our country is falling behind. American manufacturing is no longer thriving. Big Ben knows when to hand it off. It’s time for Tump to do the same.

From now on the hemp industry has the ball. They must match Big Steels legacy. Or at the very least come close. Hemp manufacturing has huge potential. In fact, it will rewrite human history. For example, it will create safer buildings.

A material called Hempcrete lives up to the name. The material resembles concrete. It also has super powers. Most notably being fire tolerant. According to many climate changes is a myth. On the other hand, nature is becoming violent. The solution is safer buildings. You know the kind made with hemp manufacturing.

Presidents go down in history.

Americans don’t forget presidents. Trump is defiantly not an exception. Furthermore, he is vilified by many. The 45th president wants to be the jobs president. But does he also want to revive American manufacturing? If he does he should reintroduce hemp. Instead of steel.

Interview with Michelle Mangione

Michelle Mangione

Sam Goldman: Can you please describe the moment you came up with High Heals Kitchen?

Michelle Mangione: Yes I had the same feeling as when you know when you met “The One”

Sam: The biggest challenge about legally delivering edible marijuana is?

Michelle: Making sure you are in compliance and all your paperwork is up to date, Safety and just making sure your product is the best a delivery has to offer.

Sam: What differentiates you from similar services?

Michelle: I like to say that we deliver with class. A higher standard and going the extra mile for our clients.

Sam: Who is eligible for your service?

Michelle: Patients with a Cannabis Rx from their Dr.

Sam: Do you have any memorable patient stories?

Michelle: Yes and its actually about a pet that was going to be put down. We gave her the cannabis oil and within minutes she started dancing and being energetic. She had so much life in her. Do you know how many animals we can help?

 Sam: How do you determine what goes on your menu?

Michelle: Taste and quality. The flower cant have toxic chemicals and I only use quality ingredients in my Edibles.

Sam: Is traditional food delivery a competitor?

Michelle: Any company can be a competitor, I deliver snacks too.

Sam: In five years High Heals Kitchen will be?

Michelle: LOL wow I want to be at the Top when it comes to Edibles, Flower and Pet Products. Perhaps with a animal rescue that benefits from this amazing plant. I am working on my Patent Pending Compliance and Standards Platform for the Cannabis Industry as we speak.

Sam: Where can people find you online?

Michelle: Direct at , Linkedin ,

Sam: You are very open about your Cushing syndrome diagnosis. How can people support Its Not Cupcakes Its Cushings, and how does MMJ affect Cushing syndrome?

Michelle: We are on so many prescriptions when we have Cushings. It’s a horrible disease that makes you obese gives you anxiety and depression, high blood pressure, Migraines, Pituitary Tumor and Adrenal Tumors. There are 100’s of symptoms but that is the short list. Not everybody who is obese is eating cupcakes all day. I am cured and plan on staying that way.

MMJ can help with the anxiety and pain this disease causes. I was diagnosed with only 3 months to live and knew I would have a miracle. Cannabis is that Miracle for so many diseases.

Americans beware: This is a scapegoat issue

Americans and Taxation

Americans are paying to many taxes. The government is overcharging citizens. It’s time for unnecessary taxation to end. Marijuana is a major victim of this scheme. The American Government continues to attack the plant. Furthermore elected officials are punishing users.

Marijuana smokers are consistently in danger. But it gets even worse. The elected officials know these facts. However they don’t help voters. Instead, officials ignore American Citizens. This costs Americans money and jobs.

A group of unemployed people is useless. They can’t fight back. Politicians can easily crush them. Biting off the hand that feeds you is dangerous. On the other hand it is no longer surprising.

Politicians can be good

Officials are in office to help tax payers. Instead officials are ruining or future. Jobs frown upon criminals. They subject them to drug tests. Tests that test for weed. The youth suffers the most from this subjection.

It’s hard to find a job with little skills.For example look on Indeed. Ironically millennials love smoking weed.Unfortunately the government doesn’t respect this right. Furthermore, their stance costs taxpayers money. . But that doesn’t mean all politicians are evil.

Brave politicians have risked it all for Cannabis. These American Heroes have stood in the crosshairs. Not for their own benefit. But for the American Taxpayers. The Founding Fathers Founded America. Now we the people must fight the unnecessary taxation and regulation.

The rich own more than ever

The wealth gap is continuing to increase. But the government doesn’t care. Most politicians don’t care about Americans. They force us to pay taxes on taxes. Secondly these taxes are crippling. Many people can barely prepare for an emergency. Marijuana regulations are equally impactful.

Many regulations slow the economy. They also often cost taxpayers tons of money. Marijuana regulations are no different. On the other hand that’s is putting it nicely. Unnecessary marijuana laws are unethical.

A democracy is a safe place. Once upon a time Americans lived the dream. Now that dream is dead. This is the worst time to be an American. From a Marijuana standpoint that is. Furthermore the future is very bleak.

Dark money is very patriotic.

Dark money groups are patriotic. The various groups are fighting for the American people. Our country needs them to survive. America needs money in politics. But more importantly we need equality. Equality that requires weed legalization.

Weed legalization will restore our great country. It will restore our country to the way it was. The way it was before  everything went left. For clarification not left as in politically. Left as in when we abandoned parts of the constitution.

Hands off our guns and hands off our Weed.

Thankfully Tump will protect our gun rights. Of course it isn’t only about the guns. In fact most American rights need protection. For example the right to marijuana. Furthermore the right to do so privately. Americans have suffered enough. It’s time to lift the country out of economic depression.

The countries economy is struggling. Due to overtaxation and regulation. Principles Our Founding Fathers rejected. States have treated people involved in marijuana unfairly. The government is doing the same. Americans must be freed from the torture.