LA Must Light The Way

LA has everything to gain from marijuana.

The LA Lakers should allow marijuana. Because it is legal in California. The team has nothing to lose. Adam Silver can’t make them any worse. Therefore the Lakers must roll the dice. Without the gamble, they will remain a lottery team.

The Lakers currently suck. However, they know what they are doing. Tanking is a silent protest. The time is now for the Lakers to speak up. Compliance doesn’t create progress. But allowing MMJ consumption does.

Weed is medicinal. Everyone knows that it is safer than opiates. But NBA teams aren’t allowing it. The teams indirectly protest this outdated ruling. Many teams spontaneously bench stars. For example Cleveland VS the Clippers. This form of rebellion is petty and unhelpful. But it is somewhat vocal.

Rebelling the right way.

Superstar NBA players have a voice. Teams can utilize the voice various ways. Petty protests are a common option. Although they work the protests aren’t progressive. Because they don’t evolve the sport enough. MMJ would accomplish this task. First, off the Lakers sit under a global microscope. This level of exposure is unique. The NBA can utilize it to outrace other sports. The trick is it requires MMJ. Luckily it isn’t hard to find in America.

The NBA MMJ campaign

28 states and DC have legalized MMJ. Many states allow raw plant consumption. LA is the most famous one. Plus the Lakers are a few years from greatness. So it’s time to spearhead the campaign.

Marijuana will expedite the rebuilding process. Secondly, it will solidify the process. Other teams allow marijuana tolerance. Many of them are successful. The Lakers need access to the right blueprint. The blueprint must include pot.

A hands-on approach

The Oregon Football program tolerates pot. In fact, the school handles it in the house. The Lakers should do the same. Jeanie Buss can do whatever she wants. The league will penalize her team. Then again the league often penalizes greatness.

Mimicking greatness is a good idea. The most successful people are trailblazers. Not to mention innovators and go-getters. The Lakers possess this mentality. Because it is part of west coast culture.

The West Coast sets the trends.

Everyone wants to be from the West Coast. The area creates everything and sets all the trends. The Lakers are capable of doing the same. All it needs are stars. Moths follow the light. Marijuana is equally attractive.

Peaceful consumption.

NBA players smoke a lot of pot. For clarification, not every player does. However, there are many that do. For example Mitch McGary. The statistics are staggering. Secondly, they are beneficial. The Lakers can provide a safe haven.

Marijuana users want freedom. Wiz Khalifa explains the desire perfectly. Of course, music only goes so far. The Lakers must practice higher tolerance. it will ultimately allow them to win multiple titles. More specifically MMJ is the key to their redemption.

MMJ saves lives. For example people with mental health issues. In my opinion, everyone needs weed. The Lakers are no exception. On the other hand, LA must win another title. In conclusion, MMJ will progress league rules, and attract top free agents.


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