War On Consumption, Not Culture

War becomes normal and overshadows everything. 

War instantly becomes the most important thing. It is the business that murders people in the name of profit. But because it is patriotic it is legal. Jeff Sessions wants to increase the war on drugs. The war sounds terrifying. Truthfully it isn’t that bad.

Kids hold on to your Huf socks. In fact, keep all your themed clothes. Not to mention music. The war on drugs hurts the plant. But it doesn’t affect the culture. For example look at pre-recreational marijuana legalization Colorado.

Without the media, the average civilian is in the dark. The outlets wield widespread influence. Media companies play a large role in the war. Because they help dictate the narrative. Often time the narrative is negative. Not to mention missing key elements of the story.

The media isn’t part of a conspiracy. However, they don’t tell the whole cannabis story. It is the media’s job, to tell the truth. Many outlets have portrayed the end. They are helping fuel paranoia. Unfortunately, they ignore the lifestyle industry.

Critics label pot a drug. However, they’re ignoring the bigger picture. The 100% legal industry is huge. An assortment of products exist. The products range from t-shirts to albums. The potential drug war won’t affect them.

Ultimately symbolism is the heart of culture. 

Every culture has unique symbolism. The cannabis plant doesn’t symbolize getting high. It symbolizes peace. On the other hand, prohibition symbolizes oppression. The war will oppress some individuals. Lastly, it won’t kill the culture.

People have consumed marijuana for a long time. Prohibition won’t end consumption. The government will shut down legal businesses. But the black market will remain alive. The point is you can reinforce prohibition. However, you can’t prevent the consumption of the plant. Therefore you can’t eliminate the culture.

The media’s role in the war on cannabis 

Many countries are currently growing hemp. America is barely participating. The sober plant is a victim of neglect. Cannabis has so many amazing benefits. But no one is noticing them. Instead, war is the main topic. This proves how influential politicians can be.

William Randolph Hearst influenced the media. His paper empire lied about marijuana. Secondly, it gave him a spotlight. People compare Donald J Trump to Hearst. They have many similarities. On the other hand, so does Hearst and Sessions.

Jeff Sessions is the man of the year. The media has showered him in attention. His proposed war is a popular story. Most websites are discussing it. For example Fox News and High Times.

Just say no. No matter what you do don’t do drugs. That includes the dangerous and addictive marijuana plant. The initial sentence is a real famous quote. Everything else just provides a bigger picture. Instead of hyper-focusing on one small element.

The news discusses events. Many stations focus on the Trump administration. This approach is strategic. It is also shocking. The current year is 2017. Humans should know better. Going forward humans shouldn’t only focus on the war. Because the 100% legal industries will keep the culture alive.


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