Big Cannabis Needs To Buy Candidates

 For Sale

Politicians are for sale. In fact, they are very affordable. Dark money has funded their groups for years. Now the cannabis industry must do the same. Furthermore,  it must do it now. It’s time to buy change.

Local cannabis laws aren’t permeant. But that doesn’t justify funding initiatives. On the other hand, it does justify buying influence. Also known as local politicians. They want money and we want results. Now cannabis companies need to provide funding.

Voting is irrelevant. Therefore companies must step in. For clarification legal companies. Such as High Times and RAW. Not to mention the various legal dispensaries.

Unions are powerful. Because of their potential influence. The Legal Cannabis industry can behave like a union. Now it’s time to execute. Everyone must contribute money. But the money can’t go to initiatives. It must go to campaigns.

Betsy Devos bought her way into the White House. Even so, it created a blueprint. Cannabis candidates must do the same thing. Fighting fire with fire is the only solution. Her politicians are expensive. However, they accepted the money.

 Time to finance campaigns 

The legal cannabis industry is worth billions. In fact, the amount increases every single year. Therefore a financial war chest exists. At the same time, the chest isn’t full. Because legalization is a state issue. Instead of a national issue.

Big oil, Big Tobacco, and Big Pharmaceutical control the country. In other words, they influence the government. Presently Big Cannabis does the opposite. Strangely enough, they don’t plan on stopping. For the most part, they refuse to change.

Cannabis candidates run for office. However, voters ignore them. Of course, some exceptions exist. But they aren’t very common. The solution is dark money. It’s the best way to buy change.

The Koch Brothers, Soros, and many others use dark money. Dark money is currently 100% legal. Plus It works for many people that use it. So the cannabis industry should join in. If you can’t beat them join them.

Evidently many people hate cannabis. A legal anonymous approach eliminates the stigma. Giving the legal industry a fair opportunity. On the other hand making it more appealing, Politicians love dark money. In the same way, stoners love candy.

Everyone has a preference. Many people are against Dark Money. Because they deem it unethical. The legal cannabis industry doesn’t need dark money. But it does need to finance campaigns. Money is the only way to achieve this goal. It’s important to determine the method of funding.

Who will fund it and who will join? 

The million dollar question is how will cannabis fund the future. Multiple options exist on the table. The industry must pick one. War is an expensive investment. It’s time to stop financially attacking prohibition. Instead, we must begin legally buying politicians.

We want fair cannabis laws. In fact, we want legalization and reasonable regulation. Furthermore, we want our politicians to execute this changes. In exchange for campaign financing. Because this will ultimately make the world a better place.


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