Will Australia Let Hemp Foods Help?

Australia’s small town 

It is only 21 °C outside in Bangalow. The Small Australian town is known for tourism. Although that could change. The potential culprit is Hemp Foods Australia. A local company thriving online. Hemp Foods can Impact the local economy the same way. However, FSANZ is in their way.

Millions of Australians purchase food. Not to mention all of the hungry tourists. Therefore there is a potential demand for hemp food. It would also help the local agriculture industry.  But most importantly it would reward local businesses. Especially in the hemp food industry.

 Hemp Foods Australia. 

Many companies relocate to tax havens. However, Hemp Foods Australia isn’t one of them. It still resides in a town of 1,902 people. 765 kilometers north of Sydney. The Australian company loves its country. The FSANZ should love it back.

States and countries thank companies for doing the right thing. FSANZ is looking the other way. A response that hurts Australia and harms Bangalow. Green Bay Wisconsin has the Packers. Bangalow has a lot of things. But lacks international recognition.

Famous cities generate the most money. Although that isn’t their main purpose. It does benefit countries. Small towns are often dying. Bangalow isn’t one of them. The city has too much to offer.

Bangalow is more than just a small town. It features cafes, a market, and a beautiful bay. The problem is it is still relatively unknown. Hemp Foods Australia can change that. In fact, they already are. Unfortunately, they can’t do everything.

The city of London has famous landmarks. Their revenue helps feed the whole economy. Legal hemp food items will do the same. Creating jobs and increasing tourism. This industry will place Bangalow on the map. As a result, New Wales and the continent of Australia will benefit.

 Food has always been there 

Food and beverages have shaped human history. It isn’t hard to imagine hemp foods doing the same. Because they aren’t psychoactive and are super healthy. Plus the plant is very easy to grow. One would think it would be an appealable option. Publicly and financially.

Kangaroos recently ruined another golf tournament. An opera house still occupies Sydney. The year is 2017 Australia. It is time to reinvent the country’s image. Meaning legalized hemp food items. Cannabis legalization worked for Colorado.

Legal cannabis is very profitable.

Colorado’s legal weed industry generated 1.3 billion dollars last year. The products aren’t available to everyone. Due to multiple enforced legal restrictions. Every human being can consume Hemp food items.  Imagine how much money Bangalow can generate. Then again imagine how much Australia can make.

The country of Australia needs Hemp Foods Australia. Billionaires have historically bailed out economies. Hemp Foods is no different. In terms of their importance. Multiple companies can kickstart the industry. However if legalized only one can pull it off.

Hemp Foods Australia’s web presence is no joke. They have mastered the art of SEO. Secondly, they are invested in their local economy. The company checks everything off the list. If legalization happens the country will ascend to new heights. Permanently changing the future of the Australian economy.


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