5 ways to participate in the culture

The cannabis culture.

The cannabis culture is alive and well. Participants can participate multiple ways. Here are five ways you can participate. In fact there are more than five ways. But these five ways are the most enjoyable.

5. Learn about cannabis daily.

First off there is a lot of propaganda. More specifically anti-weed propaganda. With that said go wild. High Times and many others makes content. Of course research is only the beginning. You can learn differently out west.

Educate others about cannabis

The truth outshines the lies. Many people think cannabis is evil. But education can change that. Knowledge is power. Therefore you should empower others. It is the only way to set them free.

Consume cannabis daily

Consumers don’t need weed. In fact multiple alternatives exist. For example Hemp oil. Cannabis is life enhancing. Because of its health benefits. On the other hand many plants are. But that doesn’t make it less important.

Fight for cannabis

Marc Emery is a legendary advocate. Many people disagree with his decisions. Even though they work. Furthermore they support cannabis reform. Fighting for the plant is important. So select your platform.

Support those inspired by the plant

The cannabis plant is known to inspire others. It inspires everything from clothing to art. But the artists can’t work for free. Therefore you should support them. Financially and verbally.


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