Trump Must Manufacture With hemp

Trump is pro-manufacturing.

Donald Trump wants to revive American manufacturing. Therefore he should change hemp laws. Because Henry Ford wanted to. In other words, Ford represents an ideology. Trump must revive parts of his ideology. In conclusion, American Hemp is a key to American manufacturing.

Steelworkers are reaping the benefits.

Hemp will create jobs. But it has to compete with steel. In fact, steel is becoming a major rival. Which is why Trump must jump in. Especially if he cares about American jobs. Furthermore, he must allow Hemp to thrive. Due to the fact that steel isn’t the answer.

Steel is capable of reducing manufacturing woes. However, it has its flaws. For example, it isn’t growable. Meaning you can’t grow steel forests. The tool can build almost anything. But so can hemp.

Cannabis’s sober cousin is a 3D printer. It can produce almost anything. Fortunately, it is also growable. As well as Eco-friendly. America doesn’t need steel. Dark money does.

William Randolph Hearst isn’t another name. Hearst killed legal hemp. On the other hand so did the Duponts. Since then other interest groups have followed suit. Favoring less ideal alternatives.

First off the one percent owns tons of land. The land is capable of supporting hemp. Then again a hemp forest would require too many resources. Instead, they buy an alternative. After all job creation is important.

Steelworkers profit off opportunities. For example approved pipelines. Steel pipelines require factories. The factories no longer exist. However, Trump will reopen them. As well as ignore hemp manufacturing.

Hemp manufacturing is a real possibility. He can make the form of manufacturing a reality. Hemp is an exit route. But instead of taking it our country moves straight. Straight to steel manufacturing. In other words further away from Hemp.

Hemp manufacturing is the future

Hemp isn’t even fully legal in the states. The country that embraced it prohibits it. Which is a cruel turn of events. Hemp is the better way. Henry Ford knew it and people still know it. Global Hemp production hasn’t ceased to stop. Therefore American Hemp manufacturing should start.

The Pittsburgh Steelers are America’s team. Because the name and logo are American. However, our country is falling behind. American manufacturing is no longer thriving. Big Ben knows when to hand it off. It’s time for Tump to do the same.

From now on the hemp industry has the ball. They must match Big Steels legacy. Or at the very least come close. Hemp manufacturing has huge potential. In fact, it will rewrite human history. For example, it will create safer buildings.

A material called Hempcrete lives up to the name. The material resembles concrete. It also has super powers. Most notably being fire tolerant. According to many climate changes is a myth. On the other hand, nature is becoming violent. The solution is safer buildings. You know the kind made with hemp manufacturing.

Presidents go down in history.

Americans don’t forget presidents. Trump is defiantly not an exception. Furthermore, he is vilified by many. The 45th president wants to be the jobs president. But does he also want to revive American manufacturing? If he does he should reintroduce hemp. Instead of steel.


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