Interview with Michelle Mangione

Michelle Mangione

Sam Goldman: Can you please describe the moment you came up with High Heals Kitchen?

Michelle Mangione: Yes I had the same feeling as when you know when you met “The One”

Sam: The biggest challenge about legally delivering edible marijuana is?

Michelle: Making sure you are in compliance and all your paperwork is up to date, Safety and just making sure your product is the best a delivery has to offer.

Sam: What differentiates you from similar services?

Michelle: I like to say that we deliver with class. A higher standard and going the extra mile for our clients.

Sam: Who is eligible for your service?

Michelle: Patients with a Cannabis Rx from their Dr.

Sam: Do you have any memorable patient stories?

Michelle: Yes and its actually about a pet that was going to be put down. We gave her the cannabis oil and within minutes she started dancing and being energetic. She had so much life in her. Do you know how many animals we can help?

 Sam: How do you determine what goes on your menu?

Michelle: Taste and quality. The flower cant have toxic chemicals and I only use quality ingredients in my Edibles.

Sam: Is traditional food delivery a competitor?

Michelle: Any company can be a competitor, I deliver snacks too.

Sam: In five years High Heals Kitchen will be?

Michelle: LOL wow I want to be at the Top when it comes to Edibles, Flower and Pet Products. Perhaps with a animal rescue that benefits from this amazing plant. I am working on my Patent Pending Compliance and Standards Platform for the Cannabis Industry as we speak.

Sam: Where can people find you online?

Michelle: Direct at , Linkedin ,

Sam: You are very open about your Cushing syndrome diagnosis. How can people support Its Not Cupcakes Its Cushings, and how does MMJ affect Cushing syndrome?

Michelle: We are on so many prescriptions when we have Cushings. It’s a horrible disease that makes you obese gives you anxiety and depression, high blood pressure, Migraines, Pituitary Tumor and Adrenal Tumors. There are 100’s of symptoms but that is the short list. Not everybody who is obese is eating cupcakes all day. I am cured and plan on staying that way.

MMJ can help with the anxiety and pain this disease causes. I was diagnosed with only 3 months to live and knew I would have a miracle. Cannabis is that Miracle for so many diseases.


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