Americans beware: This is a scapegoat issue

Americans and Taxation

Americans are paying to many taxes. The government is overcharging citizens. It’s time for unnecessary taxation to end. Marijuana is a major victim of this scheme. The American Government continues to attack the plant. Furthermore elected officials are punishing users.

Marijuana smokers are consistently in danger. But it gets even worse. The elected officials know these facts. However they don’t help voters. Instead, officials ignore American Citizens. This costs Americans money and jobs.

A group of unemployed people is useless. They can’t fight back. Politicians can easily crush them. Biting off the hand that feeds you is dangerous. On the other hand it is no longer surprising.

Politicians can be good

Officials are in office to help tax payers. Instead officials are ruining or future. Jobs frown upon criminals. They subject them to drug tests. Tests that test for weed. The youth suffers the most from this subjection.

It’s hard to find a job with little skills.For example look on Indeed. Ironically millennials love smoking weed.Unfortunately the government doesn’t respect this right. Furthermore, their stance costs taxpayers money. . But that doesn’t mean all politicians are evil.

Brave politicians have risked it all for Cannabis. These American Heroes have stood in the crosshairs. Not for their own benefit. But for the American Taxpayers. The Founding Fathers Founded America. Now we the people must fight the unnecessary taxation and regulation.

The rich own more than ever

The wealth gap is continuing to increase. But the government doesn’t care. Most politicians don’t care about Americans. They force us to pay taxes on taxes. Secondly these taxes are crippling. Many people can barely prepare for an emergency. Marijuana regulations are equally impactful.

Many regulations slow the economy. They also often cost taxpayers tons of money. Marijuana regulations are no different. On the other hand that’s is putting it nicely. Unnecessary marijuana laws are unethical.

A democracy is a safe place. Once upon a time Americans lived the dream. Now that dream is dead. This is the worst time to be an American. From a Marijuana standpoint that is. Furthermore the future is very bleak.

Dark money is very patriotic.

Dark money groups are patriotic. The various groups are fighting for the American people. Our country needs them to survive. America needs money in politics. But more importantly we need equality. Equality that requires weed legalization.

Weed legalization will restore our great country. It will restore our country to the way it was. The way it was before  everything went left. For clarification not left as in politically. Left as in when we abandoned parts of the constitution.

Hands off our guns and hands off our Weed.

Thankfully Tump will protect our gun rights. Of course it isn’t only about the guns. In fact most American rights need protection. For example the right to marijuana. Furthermore the right to do so privately. Americans have suffered enough. It’s time to lift the country out of economic depression.

The countries economy is struggling. Due to overtaxation and regulation. Principles Our Founding Fathers rejected. States have treated people involved in marijuana unfairly. The government is doing the same. Americans must be freed from the torture.


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