Interview with Dan from Hemp Foods Australia

Sam Goldman: What prompted your initial interest in graphic design?
Dan: My Dad bought me a Commodore 64 computer when I was in elementary school. I loved using it to make school projects look professional.

When I became interested in business there was always a need for something to be designed. I didn’t have enough money to hire a professional so I sacrificed a lot of sleep and recreation time to teach myself how to do it.

Sam: How has the graphic design industry changed since you started?
Dan: The internet has meant that people from all over the planet can get work doing graphic design online. At the same time the computer software and hardware has improved in leaps and bounds. As a result, the best in the industry are creating better designs than were possible 20 years ago.

Sam: Do you have a preferred operating system/ design software combo?
Dan: I started out using Windows and Corel Draw. When Apple brought out the Macbook Air I decided to get one and at the same time purchased a suite of Adobe products. I taught myself how to use the Adobe software using the video tutorials on That computer and software were so good I’m still using them 7 years later.

Sam: What is the most surprising request you have received from a client?
Dan: No surprises so far.

Sam: Is it easier or harder to make a theme that is also mobile friendly?
Dan: I think its easier. You’re a bit less constrained to fixed sizes for text and image so you get to be a bit more creative.

Sam: How many hours were spent designing the Sativa Skincare theme?
Dan: That depends on what you count as being part of the “theme” but at least 20 hours would be a good estimate.

Sam: The theme feels very earthy. Do the colors have a deeper meaning?
Dan: Yes, it turns out that the color that is most noticeable to human eyes is a green color that is exactly 555 nanometers. If there were a bunch of different colors painted on a wall, the green color is the one you would find yourself focussing on. Israeli scientists extracted the green pigments from Hemp leaves and found that the color was exactly 555 nanometres. So what better color to use for a Hemp cosmetics range – the one God wanted us to be interested in.

Sam: Your inclusion of a subtle newsletter sign up button is innovative. Why did you choose this unorthodox option?
Dan: Actually I saw it done on another website and thought it was a good idea.

Sam: Any plans to make the theme available as a template?
Dan: No plans.

Sam: Can you please list how people can find you online?
Dan: I’m not available for hire as a graphic designer, I only do design work for Hemp Foods Australia and Elixinol. I recommend anyone wanting to find a good designer to have a look on sites like or


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