5 ways to participate in the culture

The cannabis culture.

The cannabis culture is alive and well. Participants can participate multiple ways. Here are five ways you can participate. In fact there are more than five ways. But these five ways are the most enjoyable.

5. Learn about cannabis daily.

First off there is a lot of propaganda. More specifically anti-weed propaganda. With that said go wild. High Times and many others makes content. Of course research is only the beginning. You can learn differently out west.

Educate others about cannabis

The truth outshines the lies. Many people think cannabis is evil. But education can change that. Knowledge is power. Therefore you should empower others. It is the only way to set them free.

Consume cannabis daily

Consumers don’t need weed. In fact multiple alternatives exist. For example Hemp oil. Cannabis is life enhancing. Because of its health benefits. On the other hand many plants are. But that doesn’t make it less important.

Fight for cannabis

Marc Emery is a legendary advocate. Many people disagree with his decisions. Even though they work. Furthermore they support cannabis reform. Fighting for the plant is important. So select your platform.

Support those inspired by the plant

The cannabis plant is known to inspire others. It inspires everything from clothing to art. But the artists can’t work for free. Therefore you should support them. Financially and verbally.


Trump Must Manufacture With hemp

Trump is pro-manufacturing.

Donald Trump wants to revive American manufacturing. Therefore he should change hemp laws. Because Henry Ford wanted to. In other words, Ford represents an ideology. Trump must revive parts of his ideology. In conclusion, American Hemp is a key to American manufacturing.

Steelworkers are reaping the benefits.

Hemp will create jobs. But it has to compete with steel. In fact, steel is becoming a major rival. Which is why Trump must jump in. Especially if he cares about American jobs. Furthermore, he must allow Hemp to thrive. Due to the fact that steel isn’t the answer.

Steel is capable of reducing manufacturing woes. However, it has its flaws. For example, it isn’t growable. Meaning you can’t grow steel forests. The tool can build almost anything. But so can hemp.

Cannabis’s sober cousin is a 3D printer. It can produce almost anything. Fortunately, it is also growable. As well as Eco-friendly. America doesn’t need steel. Dark money does.

William Randolph Hearst isn’t another name. Hearst killed legal hemp. On the other hand so did the Duponts. Since then other interest groups have followed suit. Favoring less ideal alternatives.

First off the one percent owns tons of land. The land is capable of supporting hemp. Then again a hemp forest would require too many resources. Instead, they buy an alternative. After all job creation is important.

Steelworkers profit off opportunities. For example approved pipelines. Steel pipelines require factories. The factories no longer exist. However, Trump will reopen them. As well as ignore hemp manufacturing.

Hemp manufacturing is a real possibility. He can make the form of manufacturing a reality. Hemp is an exit route. But instead of taking it our country moves straight. Straight to steel manufacturing. In other words further away from Hemp.

Hemp manufacturing is the future

Hemp isn’t even fully legal in the states. The country that embraced it prohibits it. Which is a cruel turn of events. Hemp is the better way. Henry Ford knew it and people still know it. Global Hemp production hasn’t ceased to stop. Therefore American Hemp manufacturing should start.

The Pittsburgh Steelers are America’s team. Because the name and logo are American. However, our country is falling behind. American manufacturing is no longer thriving. Big Ben knows when to hand it off. It’s time for Tump to do the same.

From now on the hemp industry has the ball. They must match Big Steels legacy. Or at the very least come close. Hemp manufacturing has huge potential. In fact, it will rewrite human history. For example, it will create safer buildings.

A material called Hempcrete lives up to the name. The material resembles concrete. It also has super powers. Most notably being fire tolerant. According to many climate changes is a myth. On the other hand, nature is becoming violent. The solution is safer buildings. You know the kind made with hemp manufacturing.

Presidents go down in history.

Americans don’t forget presidents. Trump is defiantly not an exception. Furthermore, he is vilified by many. The 45th president wants to be the jobs president. But does he also want to revive American manufacturing? If he does he should reintroduce hemp. Instead of steel.

Interview with Michelle Mangione

Michelle Mangione

Sam Goldman: Can you please describe the moment you came up with High Heals Kitchen?

Michelle Mangione: Yes I had the same feeling as when you know when you met “The One”

Sam: The biggest challenge about legally delivering edible marijuana is?

Michelle: Making sure you are in compliance and all your paperwork is up to date, Safety and just making sure your product is the best a delivery has to offer.

Sam: What differentiates you from similar services?

Michelle: I like to say that we deliver with class. A higher standard and going the extra mile for our clients.

Sam: Who is eligible for your service?

Michelle: Patients with a Cannabis Rx from their Dr.

Sam: Do you have any memorable patient stories?

Michelle: Yes and its actually about a pet that was going to be put down. We gave her the cannabis oil and within minutes she started dancing and being energetic. She had so much life in her. Do you know how many animals we can help?

 Sam: How do you determine what goes on your menu?

Michelle: Taste and quality. The flower cant have toxic chemicals and I only use quality ingredients in my Edibles.

Sam: Is traditional food delivery a competitor?

Michelle: Any company can be a competitor, I deliver snacks too.

Sam: In five years High Heals Kitchen will be?

Michelle: LOL wow I want to be at the Top when it comes to Edibles, Flower and Pet Products. Perhaps with a animal rescue that benefits from this amazing plant. I am working on my Patent Pending Compliance and Standards Platform for the Cannabis Industry as we speak.

Sam: Where can people find you online?

Michelle: Direct at m.mangione64@gmail.com , Linkedin , http://www.HighHealskitchen.com

Sam: You are very open about your Cushing syndrome diagnosis. How can people support Its Not Cupcakes Its Cushings, and how does MMJ affect Cushing syndrome?

Michelle: We are on so many prescriptions when we have Cushings. It’s a horrible disease that makes you obese gives you anxiety and depression, high blood pressure, Migraines, Pituitary Tumor and Adrenal Tumors. There are 100’s of symptoms but that is the short list. Not everybody who is obese is eating cupcakes all day. I am cured and plan on staying that way.

MMJ can help with the anxiety and pain this disease causes. I was diagnosed with only 3 months to live and knew I would have a miracle. Cannabis is that Miracle for so many diseases.

Americans beware: This is a scapegoat issue

Americans and Taxation

Americans are paying to many taxes. The government is overcharging citizens. It’s time for unnecessary taxation to end. Marijuana is a major victim of this scheme. The American Government continues to attack the plant. Furthermore elected officials are punishing users.

Marijuana smokers are consistently in danger. But it gets even worse. The elected officials know these facts. However they don’t help voters. Instead, officials ignore American Citizens. This costs Americans money and jobs.

A group of unemployed people is useless. They can’t fight back. Politicians can easily crush them. Biting off the hand that feeds you is dangerous. On the other hand it is no longer surprising.

Politicians can be good

Officials are in office to help tax payers. Instead officials are ruining or future. Jobs frown upon criminals. They subject them to drug tests. Tests that test for weed. The youth suffers the most from this subjection.

It’s hard to find a job with little skills.For example look on Indeed. Ironically millennials love smoking weed.Unfortunately the government doesn’t respect this right. Furthermore, their stance costs taxpayers money. . But that doesn’t mean all politicians are evil.

Brave politicians have risked it all for Cannabis. These American Heroes have stood in the crosshairs. Not for their own benefit. But for the American Taxpayers. The Founding Fathers Founded America. Now we the people must fight the unnecessary taxation and regulation.

The rich own more than ever

The wealth gap is continuing to increase. But the government doesn’t care. Most politicians don’t care about Americans. They force us to pay taxes on taxes. Secondly these taxes are crippling. Many people can barely prepare for an emergency. Marijuana regulations are equally impactful.

Many regulations slow the economy. They also often cost taxpayers tons of money. Marijuana regulations are no different. On the other hand that’s is putting it nicely. Unnecessary marijuana laws are unethical.

A democracy is a safe place. Once upon a time Americans lived the dream. Now that dream is dead. This is the worst time to be an American. From a Marijuana standpoint that is. Furthermore the future is very bleak.

Dark money is very patriotic.

Dark money groups are patriotic. The various groups are fighting for the American people. Our country needs them to survive. America needs money in politics. But more importantly we need equality. Equality that requires weed legalization.

Weed legalization will restore our great country. It will restore our country to the way it was. The way it was before  everything went left. For clarification not left as in politically. Left as in when we abandoned parts of the constitution.

Hands off our guns and hands off our Weed.

Thankfully Tump will protect our gun rights. Of course it isn’t only about the guns. In fact most American rights need protection. For example the right to marijuana. Furthermore the right to do so privately. Americans have suffered enough. It’s time to lift the country out of economic depression.

The countries economy is struggling. Due to overtaxation and regulation. Principles Our Founding Fathers rejected. States have treated people involved in marijuana unfairly. The government is doing the same. Americans must be freed from the torture.

Marijuana & Rasta 5 clarifications

Discovering Rasta

Rasta is about so much more than Marijuana. Due to the fact that it changed my life a few years ago. On the other hand, my hair and ethnic history remain. As a matter of fact, I have never had dreads. But I eat a slightly modified Ital diet. Specifically, the diet has, even more, protein via some dairy and some meat. Lastly, I read the bible and pray. My daily ritual doesn’t include psychoactive cannabis.

5. The colors don’t symbolize marijuana.

Ethiopia is presently the inspiration for the colors. But colors symbolizing marijuana aren’t. However, they do symbolize money. In case you forgot Google stoner clothing. Of course, physical stores sell the same items. Meanwhile, Rasta remains victims of this awful stereotype.

4. Stoned 24/7

Although it is illegal they are smoking like chimneys. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, this practice is forbidden. Rasta do not treat the plant in the same way. Instead, they treat it like a sacrament. Without a doubt, they are often sober.

3. How Rasta pray with marijuana.

First and foremost Rasta can pray sober But the plant is spiritual for us. In fact, it is more than a plant. Especially because it changes the bible reading experience. For example, it triggers deep discussions. These reasoning sessions are particularly important to Rasta.

2. That isn’t a get out of jail free card

Stoners traditionally love weed. But some stoners go the extra mile. These stoners claim they are exempt for spiritual reasons. Rasta is not a gang, therefore, you can’t claim it. Furthermore, Jamacia is the only country that allows religious Ganga use. However in other countries many risk jail time.

1. Rastafari isn’t a marijuana religion.

To begin with, Rastafari isn’t a religion. Furthermore, the religion wouldn’t focus on the plant. But the plant does play a role in Rastafari. Besides, if it did nothing would change. The stigma would still remain alive.

Interview with Dan from Hemp Foods Australia

Sam Goldman: What prompted your initial interest in graphic design?
Dan: My Dad bought me a Commodore 64 computer when I was in elementary school. I loved using it to make school projects look professional.

When I became interested in business there was always a need for something to be designed. I didn’t have enough money to hire a professional so I sacrificed a lot of sleep and recreation time to teach myself how to do it.

Sam: How has the graphic design industry changed since you started?
Dan: The internet has meant that people from all over the planet can get work doing graphic design online. At the same time the computer software and hardware has improved in leaps and bounds. As a result, the best in the industry are creating better designs than were possible 20 years ago.

Sam: Do you have a preferred operating system/ design software combo?
Dan: I started out using Windows and Corel Draw. When Apple brought out the Macbook Air I decided to get one and at the same time purchased a suite of Adobe products. I taught myself how to use the Adobe software using the video tutorials on Linda.com That computer and software were so good I’m still using them 7 years later.

Sam: What is the most surprising request you have received from a client?
Dan: No surprises so far.

Sam: Is it easier or harder to make a theme that is also mobile friendly?
Dan: I think its easier. You’re a bit less constrained to fixed sizes for text and image so you get to be a bit more creative.

Sam: How many hours were spent designing the Sativa Skincare theme?
Dan: That depends on what you count as being part of the “theme” but at least 20 hours would be a good estimate.

Sam: The theme feels very earthy. Do the colors have a deeper meaning?
Dan: Yes, it turns out that the color that is most noticeable to human eyes is a green color that is exactly 555 nanometers. If there were a bunch of different colors painted on a wall, the green color is the one you would find yourself focussing on. Israeli scientists extracted the green pigments from Hemp leaves and found that the color was exactly 555 nanometres. So what better color to use for a Hemp cosmetics range – the one God wanted us to be interested in.

Sam: Your inclusion of a subtle newsletter sign up button is innovative. Why did you choose this unorthodox option?
Dan: Actually I saw it done on another website and thought it was a good idea.

Sam: Any plans to make the theme available as a template?
Dan: No plans.

Sam: Can you please list how people can find you online?
Dan: I’m not available for hire as a graphic designer, I only do design work for Hemp Foods Australia and Elixinol. I recommend anyone wanting to find a good designer to have a look on sites like upwork.com behance.com or 99-designs.com