Cannabis Education is Biased

Education reform is going to happen.

The American education system is a mess. Betsy DeVos has solutions and so does your neighbor. Many of these bold ideas could work. But they would take years to successfully implement. Not mention all of the red tape. One easy solution is to take small steps. Changing cannabis education is the first step.

Cannabis information contains facts.

Schools are demonizing cannabis. They’re teaching with opinions instead of facts. Some students discover the truth later on. Others help keep the lies alive. It’s time to end this dangerous cycle. Ending it will improve the American education system.

American schools have a lot of strengths. They also have a lot of weaknesses. The current cannabis curriculum sticks out. Opinionated beliefs serve as its backbone. Teachers can hate cannabis if they want. But they should teach with facts.

Cannabis education is out of date.

There is factual information about every plant. Teachers know the difference between opinions and facts. However, the government also has a say. A fair compromise will make everyone happy. Schools should continue to teach what the government wants. If and only if they present factual information. The government might not want like cannabis. But that doesn’t mean students shouldn’t be taught the truth.

We live in the age of the internet. Students have the world at their fingertips. Google has made fact based subjects irrelevant. States should eliminate their schools if they plan on teaching with opinions. Curriculums are designed to sidestep this point.

The American education system is out of date. There is widespread support for reform. Creating the form isn’t that tedious. All the government has to do is modernize the curriculum. This would be beneficial for teachers and students. One of the benefits would be increased transparency.

Cannabis groups prey on the youth.

Many cannabis groups currently exist.The groups are infamous for seeking influence.They shouldn’t have an influence on American education. Giving them the steering wheel hurts the youth.

Cannabis groups want the support of the youth. The younger the children the better. Once someone reaches a certain age they are hard to manipulate. Cannabis groups know they have little time. So the groups alter the required educational curriculum.

Cannabis groups influence the government. But there are other equally influential groups.Parents have a very powerful voice. They also possess the ability to demand change. It’s time for parents to demand a change to the curriculum. Biased cannabis curriculum information isn’t helpful.

For example, it changes the way one views the world. One thinks the plant is good or bad if they’re taught so. In other words, education can shape minds. The mind of a child is a very powerful gift. Furthermore, the mind will always benefit from learning actual facts.

Let all students learn.

The Information taught in schools is supposed to be factual. Cannabis information isn’t supposed to be different. However, it is traditionally treated differently. Most students have to memorize information. It can’t hurt to add in facts about cannabis. After all the purpose of education is to educate. Cannabis education reform wouldn’t benefit interest groups. It would benefit current and future students.

Angry students still sing Pink Floyd. It is important to realize why. The youth are the customers. Angry customers can and will create change. It’s important to realize how true this is. Particularly if you’re a cannabis group.


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