MMJ is Missing from the Workplace

Legitimate employed Medical Marijuana patients are still being fired. This troubling news is due to the way employed patients are treated. Employers aren’t required to treat legal MMJ patients fairly. However, they’re required to treat patients using legal prescription drugs fairly. This lack of equality shouldn’t exist. The unfairness begins with a workplace drug test.

4.6% of Americans are looking for new employment. A drug test may present an obstacle during the process. Legal prescription drug patients don’t have this worry. Even if they take Adderall. Which according to the DEA is a scheduled two drug. Legal MMJ patients should have the same protection.

All legally scheduled drugs are worse than Marijuana. Users of the drugs can still fail workplace drug tests. Marijuana users are treated the same way. If a legal prescription drug user fails a test they’re safe. Legal MMJ patients should experience the same outcome.

In America, Marijuana is still a scheduled one drug. However, multiple states have created their own laws. 28 states and DC have legalized it for medical use. You probably employ/work with legal prescription drug users. You should employ legal MMJ patients. The key word is legal.

Anyone can claim that their Marijuana is prescribed. It’s the perfect excuse for any employee. The problem with is that it makes MMJ patients look bad. Not every patient is a liar that wants to get stoned. There are fully functional, and responsibly employed patients. The MMJ prescribed to these patients should be protected. A benefit that legal prescription drugs prescribed to employees have.

Employers can’t fire someone for responsibly consuming their prescribed drugs. In other words, the employee is 100% protected. If the employer did fire them legal issues would occur. A protection that not every MMJ patients has.The protection extends into various aspect of work life.

An employ can consume their prescribed meds at work. This legal practice allows the employee to remain functional. Employed MMJ patients should have the same right. Not every employee wants their patients lighting up. Luckily there are multiple smoke-free ways to consume MMJ.

Smokable marijuana isn’t the only form of MMJ. All though many people prefer this form. If a MMJ patient needs to get high on the job make a compromise. Ask them to consume a non-smokable form of MMJ instead. This fair compromise will be mutually beneficial in the long run.

Unmedicated employees disrupt the work environment. Have you ever worked with someone with a headache? If he or she didn’t have Tylenol they were probably miserable. Have you ever worked with someone suffering from extreme chronic pain? Chances are they were even more miserable. If you didn’t notice them chances are they were into much pain to work.

Medical conditions are no fun. These conditions can make employees miserable. Some conditions don’t benefit from Western medicine. MMJ can often treat these conditions. Yes, most Western medicine isn’t psychoactive. However unlike cannabis it often has scary side effects. The TV commercials aren’t a joke. So please stop discriminating against MMJ patients in the workplace.


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