Sam’s Cannabis Thoughts

The legal American Marijuana industry is Trump administration proof.

Rolling back the current system would be a disaster. The Republican Party already has enough to worry about. State marijuana laws are the least of his concerns. Pro-marijuana has repeatedly demonstrated their ability to outspend critics. Imagine how much they could raise to defend the industry. Don’t worry fellow advocates legal marijuana is here to stay.

Will Home Depot ever openly embrace home cultivation ?

Home Depot already sells items that can be used to grow weed. Will they ever embrace legal home cultivation? That’s the multi-million dollar question. Companies that make products for the legal prescription drug industry have embraced it. Home Depot can and should do the same.


Humanity has been using hemp for thousands of years. You can do the same. Some countries ban recreationally growing it. However buying and owning hemp products is 100% legal. The misconception that it isn’t is widespread. This notion has hurt cannabis sober cousin.Double check your local hemp laws just in case they’re obscure.


Weed traditionally smells really good. It normally makes the user calm. If you have ever encountered a stoner you know what I’m talking about. My experiences riding public transportation with stoners has been pleasant. Riding with sober riders is always a gamble.

Does D.A.R.E preach against marijuana in states that have legalized it ?

Are students located in states with legal marijuana subjected to anti-marijuana rhetoric ? One would think they would be. Most likely in hopes of manipulating the clueless youth. The good news is that it trains the participants to spot bs. A skill they can use for the rest of their life.


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