Cannabis Education is Biased

Education reform is going to happen.

The American education system is a mess. Betsy DeVos has solutions and so does your neighbor. Many of these bold ideas could work. But they would take years to successfully implement. Not mention all of the red tape. One easy solution is to take small steps. Changing cannabis education is the first step.

Cannabis information contains facts.

Schools are demonizing cannabis. They’re teaching with opinions instead of facts. Some students discover the truth later on. Others help keep the lies alive. It’s time to end this dangerous cycle. Ending it will improve the American education system.

American schools have a lot of strengths. They also have a lot of weaknesses. The current cannabis curriculum sticks out. Opinionated beliefs serve as its backbone. Teachers can hate cannabis if they want. But they should teach with facts.

Cannabis education is out of date.

There is factual information about every plant. Teachers know the difference between opinions and facts. However, the government also has a say. A fair compromise will make everyone happy. Schools should continue to teach what the government wants. If and only if they present factual information. The government might not want like cannabis. But that doesn’t mean students shouldn’t be taught the truth.

We live in the age of the internet. Students have the world at their fingertips. Google has made fact based subjects irrelevant. States should eliminate their schools if they plan on teaching with opinions. Curriculums are designed to sidestep this point.

The American education system is out of date. There is widespread support for reform. Creating the form isn’t that tedious. All the government has to do is modernize the curriculum. This would be beneficial for teachers and students. One of the benefits would be increased transparency.

Cannabis groups prey on the youth.

Many cannabis groups currently exist.The groups are infamous for seeking influence.They shouldn’t have an influence on American education. Giving them the steering wheel hurts the youth.

Cannabis groups want the support of the youth. The younger the children the better. Once someone reaches a certain age they are hard to manipulate. Cannabis groups know they have little time. So the groups alter the required educational curriculum.

Cannabis groups influence the government. But there are other equally influential groups.Parents have a very powerful voice. They also possess the ability to demand change. It’s time for parents to demand a change to the curriculum. Biased cannabis curriculum information isn’t helpful.

For example, it changes the way one views the world. One thinks the plant is good or bad if they’re taught so. In other words, education can shape minds. The mind of a child is a very powerful gift. Furthermore, the mind will always benefit from learning actual facts.

Let all students learn.

The Information taught in schools is supposed to be factual. Cannabis information isn’t supposed to be different. However, it is traditionally treated differently. Most students have to memorize information. It can’t hurt to add in facts about cannabis. After all the purpose of education is to educate. Cannabis education reform wouldn’t benefit interest groups. It would benefit current and future students.

Angry students still sing Pink Floyd. It is important to realize why. The youth are the customers. Angry customers can and will create change. It’s important to realize how true this is. Particularly if you’re a cannabis group.


Not Your Typical Lotion

Colorado is known for legal cannabis innovation. Multiple companies possessing this talent occupy the state. Some are more eye-catching than others. Elixinol isn’t run by Willy Wonka. But their products are very Wonka-like.


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CBD Rescue Balm isn’t your garden variety balm. Everything about it is very unique. It starts with its simplistic yet catchy packaging. A packaging that features a list of natural ingredients. Exploring the product further reveals something even more exciting. It competes in the American cannabis industry.

Millions of Americans are unaware that CBD affects them. You can’t tell that a product contains CBD. Since it isn’t psychoactive its users are also able to blend in. The ability to legally sell CBD products in the US is a game changer. Many American grocery stores sell at least one hemp product. A CBD lotion alternative takes it one step further.

Cannabis products are traditionally a better alternative. The CBD rescue balm product is no different. Don’t take my word for it. Compare its ingredients to the harmful ingredients that can be found in traditional lotions.The natural ingredients mentioned earlier give CBD Rescue Balm an edge. Traditional lotions biggest rival is also much healthier for your skin.

Lotion users experience benefits. The products do an excellent job of keeping your body moisturized. Dry skin is gross and it can become bloody. A beauty blog post mention, even more, benefits. Rescue Balm users enjoy the benefits of lotion and the benefits of CBD. In order to learn more about the brand behind this innovation please continue reading.

Chris Husong’s marketing skills have helped turn Elixinol into a global brand. The entrepreneur is also a co-founder of ClubM. Originally I was only going to interview Chris. When I found out the whole team was participating I was thrilled. Every member of the Elixinol team is extremely fascinating and talented. You can check out our interview below.

Sam Goldman: What is the origin of the name Elixinol?

The Elixinol team: The foundation of Elixinol is “Elixir” and “ol” being the common suffix used for chemical derivatives.

Sam: How many different Elixinol products have been created?

Elixinol: We’ve learned so much from our customers. Since 2013, we’ve created over 20 products, not all of which are available now or in every country, but our product research is a core part of our company, we want to product to be the best available and delivered in innovative ways that help our customers.

Sam: In 3 words can you please describe what Industrial Hemp means to you?

Elixinol: Healthy. Change. Possibilities.

Sam: Is CBD Jeff Sessions proof?

By all current legal standards, yes.

Sam: Which team members were involved in creating Rescue Balm?

Elixinol: Like all of our products, Rescue Balm, soon to be renamed Elixinol Hemp Balm, is a reflection of our team’s collective and deep understanding of hemp’s possibilities as well as the needs of our customers. Team members involved have a wide range of backgrounds that help inform our products.

Dan Schulz, Product Formulation Specialist: A published research scientist, Dan is always looking for ways to increase CBD absorption and delivery to the body.

Paul Benhaim, Founder, and CEO: Paul’s deep connections within the hemp industry help us deliver the highest quality hemp to our customers.

Gabriel Ettenson, CEO: As a former physical therapist who has long worked with natural products, Gabriel’s insight into how CBD affects customers is pivotal in creating product customers need.

Sam: Why is your traditional balm alternative better?

Elixinol: Elixinol’s Rescue Balm, soon to be renamed Elixinol Hemp Balm, has higher quality ingredients including hemp CBD and was formulated to include not just healthy ingredients for the body, but functional ingredients that improve the body’s ability to absorb those ingredients.

Sam: Will consumers ever see Rescue Balm on store shelves?

Elixinol: Customers can purchase Rescue Balm, soon to be renamed Elixinol Hemp Balm, through health stores in the US right now and through medical professionals including chiropractors, physical therapists, and doctors in addition to our website:

Sam: How has the CBD industry changed since you first became involved?

Elixinol: It’s an exciting to be in the CBD industry and we see growing demand, globally, and more acceptance and understanding of the power of the hemp plant and CBD’s qualities as a product.

Sam: When you promote Rescue Balm who is your target audience?

Elixinol: Rescue Balm, soon to be renamed Elixinol Hemp Balm, is a great product for anyone who wants the benefit of CBD absorbed through the skin. As importantly, CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties make it a great choice to support the nervous and muscular systems, joints and skin as well. Plus, Rescue Balm, soon to be renamed Elixinol Hemp Balm, has so many skin friendly ingredients like Virgin Ucuuba Butter, Andiroba Oil it also promotes a healthy, youthful skin appearance. Users of Rescue Balm, soon to be renamed Elixinol Hemp Balm, include everyone who appreciates the targeted application like athletes and joint and muscle pain sufferers. Some Rescue Balm, soon to be renamed Elixinol Hemp Balm, customers are simply CBD users who prefer the delivery benefits of a balm with skin benefits.

Where can people find Elixinol and Rescue Balm online/ social media?


MMJ is Missing from the Workplace

Legitimate employed Medical Marijuana patients are still being fired. This troubling news is due to the way employed patients are treated. Employers aren’t required to treat legal MMJ patients fairly. However, they’re required to treat patients using legal prescription drugs fairly. This lack of equality shouldn’t exist. The unfairness begins with a workplace drug test.

4.6% of Americans are looking for new employment. A drug test may present an obstacle during the process. Legal prescription drug patients don’t have this worry. Even if they take Adderall. Which according to the DEA is a scheduled two drug. Legal MMJ patients should have the same protection.

All legally scheduled drugs are worse than Marijuana. Users of the drugs can still fail workplace drug tests. Marijuana users are treated the same way. If a legal prescription drug user fails a test they’re safe. Legal MMJ patients should experience the same outcome.

In America, Marijuana is still a scheduled one drug. However, multiple states have created their own laws. 28 states and DC have legalized it for medical use. You probably employ/work with legal prescription drug users. You should employ legal MMJ patients. The key word is legal.

Anyone can claim that their Marijuana is prescribed. It’s the perfect excuse for any employee. The problem with is that it makes MMJ patients look bad. Not every patient is a liar that wants to get stoned. There are fully functional, and responsibly employed patients. The MMJ prescribed to these patients should be protected. A benefit that legal prescription drugs prescribed to employees have.

Employers can’t fire someone for responsibly consuming their prescribed drugs. In other words, the employee is 100% protected. If the employer did fire them legal issues would occur. A protection that not every MMJ patients has.The protection extends into various aspect of work life.

An employ can consume their prescribed meds at work. This legal practice allows the employee to remain functional. Employed MMJ patients should have the same right. Not every employee wants their patients lighting up. Luckily there are multiple smoke-free ways to consume MMJ.

Smokable marijuana isn’t the only form of MMJ. All though many people prefer this form. If a MMJ patient needs to get high on the job make a compromise. Ask them to consume a non-smokable form of MMJ instead. This fair compromise will be mutually beneficial in the long run.

Unmedicated employees disrupt the work environment. Have you ever worked with someone with a headache? If he or she didn’t have Tylenol they were probably miserable. Have you ever worked with someone suffering from extreme chronic pain? Chances are they were even more miserable. If you didn’t notice them chances are they were into much pain to work.

Medical conditions are no fun. These conditions can make employees miserable. Some conditions don’t benefit from Western medicine. MMJ can often treat these conditions. Yes, most Western medicine isn’t psychoactive. However unlike cannabis it often has scary side effects. The TV commercials aren’t a joke. So please stop discriminating against MMJ patients in the workplace.

Sam’s Cannabis Thoughts

The legal American Marijuana industry is Trump administration proof.

Rolling back the current system would be a disaster. The Republican Party already has enough to worry about. State marijuana laws are the least of his concerns. Pro-marijuana has repeatedly demonstrated their ability to outspend critics. Imagine how much they could raise to defend the industry. Don’t worry fellow advocates legal marijuana is here to stay.

Will Home Depot ever openly embrace home cultivation ?

Home Depot already sells items that can be used to grow weed. Will they ever embrace legal home cultivation? That’s the multi-million dollar question. Companies that make products for the legal prescription drug industry have embraced it. Home Depot can and should do the same.


Humanity has been using hemp for thousands of years. You can do the same. Some countries ban recreationally growing it. However buying and owning hemp products is 100% legal. The misconception that it isn’t is widespread. This notion has hurt cannabis sober cousin.Double check your local hemp laws just in case they’re obscure.


Weed traditionally smells really good. It normally makes the user calm. If you have ever encountered a stoner you know what I’m talking about. My experiences riding public transportation with stoners has been pleasant. Riding with sober riders is always a gamble.

Does D.A.R.E preach against marijuana in states that have legalized it ?

Are students located in states with legal marijuana subjected to anti-marijuana rhetoric ? One would think they would be. Most likely in hopes of manipulating the clueless youth. The good news is that it trains the participants to spot bs. A skill they can use for the rest of their life.