Footbag Follows Marijuana

Anti-marijuana groups should fear millennials. The generation loves marijuana and technology. Every year their influence grows. Dumb critics continue to fight them. Smart companies have begun targeting them. There are multiple ways to execute the later. Promoting marijuana via footbag is the best move.

Footbag follows marijuana

According to a 2016 pew research center survey “Millennials – those ages 18 to 35 in 2016 – are more than twice as likely to support legalization of marijuana as they were in 2006”.

In 2020 All millennials will be able to vote. A milestone for the generation. Unfortunately, the same generation struggles with health problems. Obesity is arguably the most devastating example. Marijuana is capable of conquering this and other health problems. But it will require the involvement of footbag.

You don’t have to be stoned to play footbag. But people under the influence of marijuana are known for playing it. The game can be played individually or with a group of people. Popular exercises rituals such as yoga have transcended time. Footbag is capable of following a similar trajectory. It’s also capable of promoting marijuana.

The stereotypical stoner has dreads and lays on the beach all day. Marijuana isn’t capable of making someone lazy. There are users that exercise daily. Promoting this fact will change the public perception. Footbag is the perfect vehicle to promote it. The promotion will benefit exercise and marijuana companies.

This will finally make millennials exercise

Some of my previous paragraphs have labeled Millennials a major target for a reason. They should be in the crosshairs of every fitness company. Some popular companies have already begun hunting. Nintendo, YouTube, and the UFC are a few examples. Various footbag companies should match their participation level. Unlike other fitness companies footbag also promotes marijuana.

Pokemon Go went viral for one reason. Millennials began going outside. The generation had become infamous for doing the opposite. The brief change was nice. However, it didn’t create long-term results. A shift in a generational mentality is the solution. Marijuana is the best way to create the shift.


Many millennials love marijuana. They view it the way their parents view alcohol. In their eyes smoking a few joints is socially acceptable. Ala the previous generation drinking a few beers. Many millennials also don’t embrace their parents exercise habits. Fitness companies and marijuana companies could change this. Footbag manufacturers can kill two birds with one stone.

The footbag industry is in a position to make a dent. A dent that that will go down in history. Only a few things are in their way. Name recognition is the most glaring weakness. Many non-participants know it as a hacky sack. Quality control is another major issue. I experienced this problem first hand.

My first footbag was and is terrible. It is filled with some sort of beads. This makes it super heavy. It also created a painful impact every time it hit my feet. Some participants might enjoy this type of bag. I could barely do any tricks with it. A year ago I purchased a blue Crushed Panne Mr. Sandbag footbag. Unlike the other bag, it’s soft and light. Both options promote the marijuana culture.

I can’t kick the habit

I have never consumed marijuana. This is 100% due to Minnesota’s marijuana laws. I’m referring to the medical and recreational laws.These laws prevented me from playing footbag for a few years. But they didn’t stop me from loving the marijuana culture. Thanks to CBD I picked it back up a few weeks ago.

I have fallen in love with footbag. The small moments of growth justify the consistent mistakes. Footbag has helped me become more mentally and physically fit. Cannabis has allowed me to play. Millions of marijuana-loving millennials could have the same experience.


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