Interview with Paul Benhaim


Sam Goldman: You’re a genius who has permanently revolutionized the hemp industry. Can you please describe your rise to prominence ?

Paul Benhaim: Just patience and focus. I love the hemp plant and all that it offers me personally, my family, friends, community, country and in fact the whole global society.

Sam: You have published hemp books and started hemp companies. Which one has been more rewarding and why ?

Paul: That depends on what you define as success; for me success is when you try something, learn and move forward – so all those projects, and more were successful in my eyes. Hemp Foods Australia and Elixinol are both production companies that exist today; and the 9 books I have written are also still available at

Sam: Not The Cooking Show demonstrated the importance of food education. This need still exists. Do you have any plans to revisit it ?

Paul: Not at this time – I am focusing on building larger production facilities to ensure higher quality hemp products reach more people. When I feel there is little I can do to help this process, then maybe I will revist the production of more educational videos. Though my preference for education these days is to create living actual models – so I have a biodynamic food production farm coming very soon…

Sam: How does the future of American hemp affect the global hemp industry ?

The future is unknown, so we will see. I am taking part in sharing the knowledge. I have acquired an American hemp company called Elixinol. The company is located in Boulder, Colorado.

Sam: Can you please describe a typical day on a hemp farm ?

Paul: My typical day is spent in an office, or a hotel room some place on this wonderful planet. I do visit hemp farms regularly of course – where most of the work is in planting, feeding or harvesting. The rest of the time you just watch it grow…

Sam: For those that don’t know what’s Marijuana’s relationship with hemp ?

Paul: They are one and the same plant – cannabis sativa is the true latin name – marijuana is usually just the name for the high THC (psychoactive ingredient) in cannabis; hemp is usually the term for industrial hemp or low THC

Sam: Why should people incorporate hemp into they’re everyday lives ?

Paul: There are so many reasons… for food, fuel, fiber, medicine, paper and much more. I recommend watching this presentation to learn more:

Sam: According to your Linkedin profile your the CEO of Exlional. Can you please tell more about Exlional.

Paul: We manufacture the highest whole plant extracts of industrial hemp into high CBD hemp oil raw materials and then produce various products from this.

Sam: In 10 years you will be ________ ?

Paul: Living on an organic hemp farm and production facility with fellow hempsters developing products in our laboratory whilst traveling the world sharing the benefits of hemp.

Sam: Where can people find you and your innovative products online ?

1) Presentation on Hemp

2) Presentation on CBD

3) Latest 2016 science presentation on CBD



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