Marijuana may be legal for every 21 year old

Marijuana can be legal on private property

It is illegal to consume recreational marijuana at home. Only a few states make an exception. The exception excludes everyone younger than 21. President Trump could legalize this exception in every state. This rule already exists in America. Local alcohol consumers have benefited from it since the 80’s.

Trump could make them even more comparable

President Reagan was behind the US drinking age increase. He did this by pressuring the states. President Trump could do something similar. All he would have to do is substitute alcohol with marijuana. Many people have already compared the two legal industries. It’s time for Trump to make the next step.

Legal recreational marijuana is like alcohol. Or so they say. This bold claim is kind of true. Both industries are similar. The most obvious similarity is the age requirement. Trump should make them even more similar. Increasing the similarities won’t be difficult. All he has to do is legalize recreational marijuana throughout the country.

He should ignore everyone else

Trump is the most brand-oriented president ever. The president only has two years. During the absence of the democrats he can do a lot. Some decisions will have a bigger impact than others. Legalizing recreational marijuana throughout America is one potential decision. The controversial decision should be on the top of the list.

Republican politicians have a long to-do list. Pro-marijuana laws might not be on the list. Sheldon Adelson will have a say in if they make the list. The wealthy republican king maker hates marijuana. Trump should ignore him and pull a Ronald Regan.

People still argue that recreational marijuana is dangerous. The same people support legal alcohol consumption. Evidently, this argument is contradicting. You can hate pot and you can like alcohol. But you can’t deny that adults 21 and older should be allowed to choose. To choose to responsibly consume alcohol or recreational marijuana. They can also responsibly choose to stay sober.

Marijuana is profitable and it will help Trumps legacy

Trump doesn’t consume alcohol or marijuana. But he is aware that both industries make tons of money. Why else would he launch a vodka company ? Trump has the power to legalize the later industry throughout the country. The multi billion dollar question is will he use his influence to do so ?

President Trump will have a lot of influence and power. The great presidents in American history have conquered our countries obstacles. For example Lincoln outlawed slavery. The prohibition of recreational marijuana is one of the current obstacles. Legal recreational marijuana consumption is becoming accepted in America. Trump could and should expedite the elimination of this obstacle. `

Recreational marijuana is slowly becoming accepted. The acceptance resembles an Olympic relay race. Legal recreational marijuana is slowly catching up to the critics. Trump could eliminate this race. A move that would affect the whole planet. It would also affect Trumps personal and presidential legacy. All three affected parties would be affected positively.

How do you top becoming the first nonpolitician president since Hebert Hoover ? You legalize recreational marijuana throughout the country. This move would rewrite this history books. The success of Trumps presidency isn’t dependent on legalization. But legalization will permanently change his legacy.


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