What if Australia legalized home cultivation before the USA ?

Every American that qualifies for medical marijuana should be allowed to grow their own. Australia just gave their civilians this right and some Americans have this right. The problem is the word some. Civilians located in many states with MMJ can’t legally grow their own marijuana. I’m not talking about growing enough to become a kingpin. I’m talking about being allowed to grow enough for personal use.

If someone wants to grow their medical marijuana instead of purchasing it they should be allowed to. There are many reasons why this right would be beneficial. It’s a safe growable form of medicine barely scratches the surface. But It’s a good way to begin the initial phase of my argument. An argument that will hopefully play a role in Americans changing their stance on home cultivation.

It’s amazing how many Americans are against MMJ. A large percentage of the ones that aren’t opposed home cultivation. The proof is in the pudding. Only a limited number of states allow medical marijuana home cultivation. Residents that don’t reside in these states face western medicine like problems. Which is ironic because MMJ is a western medicine alternative.

Prescribed western medicine is super inconvenient. This inconvenience is caused by the amount of people involved. If the products were growable most of these people would be unemployed. Medical Marijuana products happen to be growable. So logically medical marijuana patients should be allowed to grow the growable products. The truth is many of them are allowed to.

Multiple states currently allow medical marijuana patients to grow their own pot. The patients have the opportunity to grow x amount of plants at a time. X = how many plants each patient can legally grow. Expanding this law to every state with MMJ would benefit the individual states and their patients.

A state economy requires a skilled labor force. A percentage of this labor force will have at least one medical ailment. A percentage of that percentage will have a chronic ailment. Many people that fall into one or both categories will qualify for and benefit from medical marijuana. Increasing the accessibility of MMJ will benefit the mentioned labor force.

Earlier in this post, I mentioned that prescribed western medicine was super inconvenient. My reasons for this claim were partially accurate. The amount of people involved in the industry does slow down the process. The inability to grow your prescription drugs at home also doesn’t help the cause. One of the prescribed western medicines few convinces is portability.

Arguably the most popular form of western medicine is prescribed pills. These drugs are commonly stored in a portable pill bottle. The bottle is normally pretty see through and pre-packaged. This makes life easier for everyone including the patient. Every day thousands of people travel with portable prescribed pills every day. Medical marijuana has the same functionality which helps the home cultivation argument.

You can store and transport MMJ multiple ways. The list includes mason jars and the plastic packaging the many strains come in. The second listed method was vague hopefully, you understand what I meant. Recently home medical marijuana cultivation became legal in Australia. The United States should give its MMJ program participants the same opportunity.







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