Marijuana Approval is A Win For Everyone

Marijuana this fall

This November vote. Don’t vote for any major candidates.Vote for legal marijuana. American marijuana laws are a joke. The two party candidates haven’t addressed this issue. Proving that they are scared to mention this issue.


Voting pro-marijuana this election helps America. Think about that for a second. How many ballot initiatives can say the same? Many ballot initiatives help a few people. For example $15 minimum wage. Increasing minimum wage only helps workers. Voting for marijuana this fall helps everyone.

To support my argument I will use a real example. I’m going to use Arkansas to explain my stance.This November, Arkansas residents are voting on three different things. All three options involve medical marijuana. The first option could legalize it. The second option could allow home cultivation. The third option would only allow purchasing it.


My three options affect key people. Aka qualified patients. Patients that won’t be the only beneficiaries. The plant has the ability to treat multiple ailments. This ability will put skilled workers back to work. The creation and operation of medical marijuana dispensaries will create multiple new jobs.

Arkansas MMJ patients will benefit smoking it. This will enhance their health. The plant can treat multiple ailments at once. Which will put skilled workers back to work.  I will also require the construction of multiple dispensaries. Creating new jobs.

I just painted a harmonious world. All of my occupants are benefiting from legal MMJ.  Imagine how similar laws could affect the whole plant. recreational marijuana would have an even bigger impact. Many people opposed both of my ideas. They view my world negatively.


People that oppose marijuana legalization are wrong. Not because they disagree with people. They are wrong because they don’t see the big picture. They close their eyes and picture the following. They picture a city with a crumbling infrastructure. A crumbling city occupied by millions of workers. Workers that are lazy.

In 2012 WA and Colorado legalized recreational marijuana. In 2014 Colorado residents made it officially available. Soon afters adults 21 and older began purchasing it. They also began possessing it in public. Nothing changed in Colorado after the new trend began. The state’s  infrastructure didn’t begin falling apart. Residents continued to be productive. WA experienced the exact same results. Oregon and Alaska also have the same experience. Washington DC does as well but does it count ?

Visiting these states is a start. Someone could deny what they’re seeing. Changing their mind is possible. It would take years to change everyone’s mind. Which is why creating an option is a better idea.


People should be able to have choices. Using marijuana shouldn’t be required. It should be a choice Your local Home Depot sells various plants. Purchasing a plant isn’t required. But because they are legal someone else can buy them.

You don’t have to vote for marijuana this fall. But you should choose to vote. Not because others are voting yes.  Vote for it because everyone  will benefit it. Don’t vote if it looks ugly.  Meaning if it looks like the infamous Minnesota option. If it looks like the old Ohio option.


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