Minnesota’s Medical Marijuana Program is a mess


Minnesota is my current residential state. My name is Samuel Goldman and I’m 21 years old. Last winter I was denied access to medical marijuana. three different specialists denied me. At the time I was battling two door issues. Chronic neuropathic foot pain and severe muscle spasms. The spasms looked cool but they were extremely painful.

I had major foot surgery barely 5 years ago. My toes spontaneously began curling up. Then they began forming a ball like shape. Both of my feet morphed at the exact same time . The horrific physically transformation was terrible. So terrible that I needed surgery. The surgery reconstructed both of my feet. When I say reconstruct I mean it. Both feet were smashed and rebuilt. They underwent this process simultaneously. For a few years, my feet were as good as new. Then My feet kept getting worse. Last winter I could barely move.


Numerous media outlets have exposed local MMJ. However, they have ignored the problem. The problem isn’t the shortage of patients. The problem is the media outlets. More specifically the ones have focused on this issue. It is defiantly an important issue. However, it doesn’t tell the whole story. The whole story is crazy. So crazy that you might not believe it. It took me a few weeks to believe it.

I have always enjoyed online research. So I began researching how to get MN MMJ. Then I began researching who would recommend it. What I found was shocking. The answer to the second question isn’t public. The answer to the first question is simple. You find a specialist that is willing to give you a recommendation.


Legal MMJ often has transparency. You can easily look up who will recommend it. The search only takes a few seconds. Minnesota has chosen to take a different approach. No one knows what specialists will recommend it. This absence of information creates a roadblock. A roadblock that Minnesotans continue to face. Winning the Minnesota MMJ lottery is only a start. It doesn’t place you in 1st place. All it does is cause even more problems.


West Coast states perfected the art of legal MMJ. Minnesota has disgraced the masterpiece. The state has done everything wrong. The lengthy list includes the following mistakes.prohibiting consuming or possessing actual marijuana. Prohibiting MMJ traditional dispensaries, and over regulating it. The printing of legal tender is less regulated. For clarification Minnesota MMJ is marijuana. But the state doesn’t dispense 100% plant products. A method very different than California. This decision drives up MMJ costs. It also allows BS products.

The word medical marijuana has the word marijuana in it. Minnesota’s program allows patients to use THC. But they’re unable to eat or smoke MMJ. 100% CBD products are the only alternative. The CBD products won’t get you high. My preferred CBD brand is the Fay Farm.

Sam began blogging in 2012. You can follow him on Twitter.


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