Interview with Cannabis Breeder/Grower Jamal Hackler


Samuel Goldman: What sparked your interest in growing legal marijuana ?

Jamal Hackler: My Career in Cannabis Started after my first seeds was given to me at 13 years old. A Farmer I grew Corn for in North Carolina knew I had seizures sometimes, he helped me understand that man has been using cannabis since the beginning of time.

Samuel: Indoor or outdoor ?

Jamal: The Outdoor Sun grown Cannabis is how I started but later I evolved into Greenhouse and then Indoor.

Samuel: Can you please describe the marijuana growing cycle ?

Jamal:The Cannabis Grow cycle is a very natural one that is very easy to understand, first the seed is a small universe all to itself, the seed is germinated in the soil for a short time ( placed in soil) then a tap root emerges from the seed husk. It takes hold in the soil to become the base or root of the plant. Second, the Tap root begins to elongate and forms a stem that is the backbone or spine of the plant. Third and finally the seed husk is shed off or slowly opens for life to emerge. The first petals of the plant are signs that the seed has become a plant. The cycle of the plant are described as Vegetation cycle (when the plant drives roots far and wide into the ground while producing vegetation of leafs and branches to support growth.

The flower cycle is the end of the sole purpose of the plants existence its fruit or flowers are produced

When the summer equinox ends into fall well call the 12/12 light cycle an even amount of days verse night hours usually nature will slide into this period around September and finish up around October to November depending on Variety.

Samuel: What is the easiest strain to grow and what is the hardest ?

Jamal: I think Blue Dream is easy to grow while the hardest is the Harlequin (CBD)

Samuel: For those that don’t know what is the “Perfect Plant” Genesis project ?

Jamal: The Perfect plant project called Genesis is to bring the Genetics of Hemp and Cannabis Back together as a perfect plant for all uses, many people have bred traits out of Cannabis I’m working on restoring the Cannabis Plant back to it’s original state. So Genesis is the combining of masterful cannabis and hemp to create the perfect plant for all uses. Bio Mass, Tissue , Medicine and products like ink, plastic, paper and more importantly protein for food.

Samuel: Why should people support their local legal growers ?

Jamal: People should support the local growers because its great to have that input from our patients and recreational patients about improvements and new trends they would like to see.

In reality, we have a community to support by growing in turn they support us by being ambassadors for us.

Samuel: Do you have any crazy growing stories ?

Jamal: Plenty but It was at a time when it was Illegal so ill have to get back to you on that

Samuel: The average civilian isn’t familiar with marijuana growing terms. Can you please define a few of the common ones in layman’s terms ?

Jamal: Veg( vegetation) Dope( weed) Blunt (cigar w/ weed) Oil

Samuel: Why should people begin growing legal marijuana and how can they get started ?

Jamal: The more growers the better it helps educate and move people to be more open, Really it’s a sacrament in many religions but now its common to use it here in the west. Also, read books on Growing Marijuana by Ed Rosenthal

Samuel: How can people find you and Sacred Strains LLC online and on Social Media ? for live updates and pictures. you can also find us on twitter.

Sam began blogging in 2012. You can follow him on twitter


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