Rejuvenation CBD Lotion Review



A bottle of Fay Farm Rejuvenation CBD Lotion.

Thoughts before trying it for the first time.

I have been waiting to try a form of Cannabis capable of targeting neuropathic pain for years. The packaging looks awesome and I’m guessing it smells good. I feel like a little kid on Halloween. For years I resisted the urge to try smoking illegal recreational marijuana and this summer I resisted the urge to try smoking legal recreational marijuana. I hope this CBD lotion will make the wait worth it. Knowing the Fay Farm it will.

Initial reaction

The lotion smells like fresh vanilla. It is a little thicker than traditional lotion and it appears to be a little more watery. It triggers a mellow mood that is very similar to the mood I experience after using the topical CBD muscle rub. My whole body feels mellow after testing out the lotion. The Muscle rub makes my head feel more mellow. Or as the stoners would say the CBD is a head high and the lotion is a body high. You can’t get high from CBD. It was an analogy. Like the Muscle Rub, the lotion instantly wiped out my pain, my anxiety, and my ADD. Initially, the lotion feels much stronger than the muscle rub.

Overall thoughts an hour later.

The mellow mood hasn’t intensified. I feel calm and productive. The lotions effect still feels stronger than the Muscle Rub’s effect. I am enjoying how the lotion is making me feel. I plan on continuing to use both products. If you don’t function well when you’re super mellow try out the Muscle Rub first. I wish the lotion was portable. If you haven’t tried the lotion already you should purchase some.

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